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Technological advances and the advances in human-centered designing practices have already indicated a focus shift from individual to the collective creativity, and just as every person has a creativity wellspring concerning the person’s experiences, Dr. Ed Catmul discusses Pixar’s collective creativity.

Pixar’s collective creativity

Pixar, an animation studio in U.S.A, handles computer animations and creates short and long films. The studio, formed in 1979, is infamous for animated feature movies like toy story, ratatouille, cars, and WALL-E. According to Catmull, the head, Pixar is successful due to problem solving through a peer-driven procedure. He argues that while some heads value good ideas more than good people, this view on creativity is misguided since there is exaggeration of the value of initial idea in the creation of a unique product. He claims that this reflects an intense misunderstanding on the way big risks are managed.

Far from a strange solo act, he claims that creativity, especially in film-making, includes several individuals from distinct disciplines working effectively and in unison to tackle a variety of problems. Pixar strengthens collective creativity through a culture emphasizing that smart employees are better than good ideas. Hence, empowering creative people and enhancing their environment and communication, ensuring peer culture of unity and an effective interplay in art and technology, are all essential. In Pixar, apart from valuing innovations in the academic community, everyone speaks freely and is free to offer ideas, which ensures sustainable success. Pixar also confronts and analyses its failures, while also keenly assessing the qualities of its newly hired individuals (Catmull, 2008).


In an ever-evolving world full of competitions, creativity is one of the major qualities an organization can challenge failure with. To emphasize this, Catmul has widely elaborated on pertinent issues here, including the way collective creativity has impacted positively on Pixar.


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