Discussing Wilson’s paper (The nonsense of ‘knowledge management’ ) Essay Example

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Discussing Wilson’s Paper (The Nonsense of Knowledge Management’)

Discussing Wilson’s Paper (The Nonsense of Knowledge Management’)

Discussing Wilson’s Paper (The Nonsense of Knowledge Management’)

The article by T. D. Wilson titled The Nonsense of Knowledge Management’ gives a deep insight into knowledge management and its relevance to the business / management world. The objective of the paper is to show why knowledge management is not here to stay but instead have a specific period of reigning. According to Wilson (2002) knowledge management is the recent technique in management which is due to fade just like its predecessors.

Important to the knowledge management is the distinction between knowledge and information. According to Wilson (2002) knowledge is information (data) which has been processes mentally, understood and can be implemented on a real life situation. On the other hand, information is just data which contains details about a specific issue. Due to the close relationship between the two, knowledge management usually tends to take into consideration the two key aspects. Knowledge management began to gain ground in the management and business works in 1986 and its fame has grown progressively over time. The article then discusses the focus which several journals and consultancy firms have given to knowledge management. On this aspect, it can be seen that the focus on the management issue has been growing over time.

There are two main types of knowledge which an organization must manage effectively. One of them is tacit knowledge which is the knowledge which s contained in the human resources (Wilson, 2002). To manage this type of knowledge effectively, appropriate human resource management strategies are needed. The second type of knowledge is explicit knowledge which is knowledge which has been made public and can be accessed by any person. According to Wilson (2002) the nonsense of knowledge management comes about due to the notion that it will fade away just like the preceding techniques and give way to a new management technique. However, the article can be critiqued in the sense that knowledge management is an important management technique in today’s organizations just as it will be in the future organizations. The author must acknowledge the fact that previous techniques like systems thinking, team building and cultural change are still very much relevant to the modern organizations just like they were to the previous organizations; organization management is a combination of all these techniques.


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