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  • Discuss the work of Lina Bo Bardi and Denise Scott Brown, comparing Modernist architecture with the Postmodernist architecture in the process.

Discuss the work of Lina Bo Bardi and Denise Scott Brown, comparing Modernist architecture with the Postmodernist architecture in the process. Essay Example

3Essay Plan


Topic sentence: This essay is discussing the work of Denise Scott Brown and Lina Bo Bardi, comparing modernist architecture with the postmodernist architecture in the process.

Denise Scott Brown work in relation to modern and postmodern architecture is looked into details.

Her use of signs and symbols in design to communicate is explored

Despite her inclination to modernist architecture, Lina Bo Bardi refused to be associated with both postmodernism and modernism architecture in Brazil

Concluding sentence: Depending on the context, the work of both architects has been influenced by both postmodern and modern architecture.

1st paragraph

Topic sentence: Denise Scott brown is an architect who has been involved in a lot of projects.

  • Scott brown began her career which was inculcated in modernism architecture.

  • This is seen in her work which includes international styles bearing a family semblance.

Concluding sentence: Her work has become the reaction against her modernist roots

2nd paragraph

Topic sentence: Scott Dennis brown has taken on modernism with the work she has been involved in.

  • The book learning from Las Vegas which she wrote together with her husband has drawn conclusions which are distinctly anti modern.

  • Her view was that buildings do not have to be geometric with clear lines

Concluding sentence: If one looks at the work of Scott Denise brown based on architectural history, they are seen as the founders of architectural postmodernism.

3rd paragraph

Topic sentence: The architecture advocated by Scott brown has signs and symbols being the skins of the buildings.

  • The work of Scott brown is modern, clean and spare.

  • It is vital to note that Scott brown acknowledges the elements of modernism but the dedication of it being heroic and original is seen as outmoded.

Concluding sentence: According to her work, modernists have neglected history and do not use historical reference or ornament.

4th paragraph

Topic sentence: work of Scott Dennis Brown appears through four different trends; post-modern space, metaphor metaphysical, neo vernacular and historicism.

  • The use of references in her buildings is undeniable and in a critical sense, she is a postmodernist architect.

  • Use of signage and communication is well illustrated in her work.

Concluding sentence: Contextualise the buildings with their revivalist neighbours of the 19th century

Lina Bo Bardi

5th paragraph

Topic sentence: Lina Bo Bardi is an architect who has contributed a lot to the industry.

  • She created architecture that was loved by those who resided within its vicinity.

  • This is due to fact that she used materials and shapes which reflected the modernist architecture.

Concluding sentence: Her house which was at the outskirts of Sao Paulo has been referred to many as an icon of the modernist architecture.

6th paragraph

Topic sentence: Bo Bardi did not want to be associated with modernist or post-modernist architecture in Brazil.

  • Through juxtaposing her work with the area heritage, she came up with buildings which were in their own context.

  • Her love and understanding of Brazil people and culture made her architectural work unique.

Concluding sentence: She had her own ideas on the way Brazil should develop without being affected by western culture.

7th paragraph

Topic sentence: Bo Bardi one of her notable projects is SESC Pompeia.

  • The place is used for community interaction, football, theatre, housing, swimming, canteen, art and dance.

  • She worked on the project to come up with an iconic structure which stands out up to date.

Concluding sentence: Bardi most famous work includes Glass house in Morumbi neighbourhood, SESC Pompeia and the MASP on Avendia Paulista.

8th paragraph

Topic sentence: High modernism and popular culture can be seen as the hallmarks of her work in design.

  • Most of Bo Bardi work includes refurbishment of the existing buildings.

  • MASP which is located in Sao Paulo has bold monolithic design but takes less than it creates.

  • Bo Bardi was also a prolific furniture designer.

  • She created an atmosphere where visitors can learn the art.

Concluding sentence: Bardi did not require the vulgarity if the post modernism in order to express what was popular.


This research has discussed the work of Dennis Scott Brown and Lina Bo Bardi comparing modernist architecture with post-modernist architecture in the process. The work of the two architects has been a major contribution to both modernists and post-modernist architecture. Both architects have uniqueness which has set their work apart.