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Director’s Assessment

The article reviews the company performance appraisal conducted by the director in charge of the business focusing on the following disciplines one is the team performance; the role played by the management and the recommendations require. Team performance is going to evaluate by the use of the financials statement prepared by the board depending on what the company has experienced during the fiscal calendars. Also, pressing issues affecting the business will be discussed in this paper. The company is global with branches in almost all the continents in the world.

Starting with sales team performance in 2018 they were up and down. Profits were realised in Europe and America continent with the loss only in Asia Pacific. Therefore in the two continent that was, gain realised team worked hard to achieve the target despite direct completion from other competitors. The following is what anticipated success in the year one is market positioning and sales team who understood the market. The following year 2019 the cash flows from sales in other continents were as follows loss America, Asia Pacific and only profit achieved in Europe. The company operation was stagnant total sales was equal to total expenditure. In 2020 sales team entrusted with sales in other continents performed as follows profit only in Europe, Asia Pacific and loss in America. The first time to make a profit in Asia although profit was made the in Europe the amount dropped. 2021 company saw an increase in the cash flow realising a potential of $6,000 at the end of the year the cash flow increased in the following year with the company increasing sales with a cumulative total of the cash flow equal to $33,000. Sales from other continents in 2022 were as follows profit only made in Europe and Asia and loss still continued to be experienced in America.

At the start, Asia did not respond to the commodity introduction in the market, and as a result, massive losses encountered. Another are of concern is the profit level decline experienced in Europe in 2018 profit was $5,252 and in 2022 is 107. The benefits meant for sharing to the stakeholders working in the company. Figures show a significant drop, and that needs to be addressed deeply to rejuvenate. America has continued a battlefield and loss is being experienced there year after year. The company lacks consistency in the operations and sales where they do not follow one particular route instead they keep shifting. Lack of research on what the main competitors are doing where they increase the quality, and the firm fails to respond to the change. The market study not conducted by experts in the field that is why competition is weighing the company down in Europe and America.

The base of the company is not at best, and therefore the only dependence is the branches that have been I other three continents. The team that is managing the sales team needs to focus on the following issues if the company is to attain an upper hand in the market the target to be achieved. The primary objective is to be the leading company in the whole world and produce quality services to the consumers. The first that need to be addressed is the positioning of the product (Cravens, D. & Piercy, N. 2006). Under this, the company needs to come up with a unique way that consumers will be identifying them with. Satisfactory position needs to follow the following steps one is identifying clients who are going to be targeted in the market. The next step is to detect the main competitors in the market and their positioning. After identifying primary competitors, the next phase is coming up with a brand statement that is going to be used in the products that are going to be manufactured. After the company identifies the positioning statement, the action is taken to implement what was passed. Lastly, is checking the effect of the brand statement to the customers and how they are going to respond. An example of the brand statement is that of Guinness which states reach for greatness.

Motivation is the key step where the sales team by the sales manager in a way that they all feel they are equal. A motivated staff is crucial to companies’ success and thus makes them to develop a healthy relationship between the clients and customers for the better foundation of the organisation (Fogg, B. 2009). One of the ways of motivating sales team is the use of money to reward the individuals with excellent performance. For instance, set a parameter for a day sales then check the individual performance to recognise them. In that case, everybody is going to expect one with the highest number of sales rewarded. However, as a manager, pay the individual who has tried. That use of surprise method to pay motivates them to give the best.

Another way is by having games and perks since the aspect of having some fun in the workplace acts as a big motivator than the even use of money. The individuals do not only compete as a team, but they form a strong bond between them. During such activities, they learn each other person characters and how they behave outside office.

Another way is by producing goods that are pleasant to the eyes of the consumers do as to win the impulse market. The idea will make the company increase number of sales by targeting undecided clients on the particular product they intend to buy. Another method would be hiring the sales personnel on contract term to be renewed end of each year. Therefore they will work hard so as to ensure that they retain the contract.

Some of the recommendations that the company needs to embrace are improving the quality of the products to match with the competitors. Also, employing some permanent sales team so that they can have experience on the forces that takes place in the market. Particularly where there is the decline in sales in Europe and America.


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