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Instructional Writing

How to prepare a Cup of Tea

A significant portion of the world’s population begins their daily with a cup of tea. In fact, in some societies, tea drinking is a cultural practice. In Britain, approximately 165 million people begin their day with a cup of tea (Chrystal 1). Although the majority of Aussies begins their day with a cup of coffee, tea drinking culture is picking rapidly in the country (Euromonitor International par. 1). I happen to be one of the people in Australia who love tea. My love for tea is demonstrated by the fact that I drink tea most of the time, be it in the morning, midday or evening. I particularly love tea for its health benefits that include keeping my body hot and energetic. However, I believe that everyone needs to have a perfect tea every single day. Having a perfect tea requires excellent preparation of tea and below is the procedure on how to prepare a perfect cup of tea.

Before starting to prepare a cup of tea, the following items are needed. They include tea bags, clean water, kettle, milk, sugar, cup and spoon (Ratanjit 51). The first step is to fill the kettle with clean water. Once the kettle has been filled with water, the next step is to connect the kettle to electricity and switch on. As the water in the kettle gets heated, put the tea bags in a clean cup. One the water has heated to boiling point; pick the milk from the fridge. As with the water, boil the milk as this is important in ensuring that when milk and water is mixed later on, the contents remain hot. However, for those who are not interested in drinking hot tea can avoid boiling the milk.

Once the hot water is ready, fill a cup with the hot water. However, it is important not to fill the cup to the bream by leaving enough room for some milk. Poor milk to the cup with hot water and tea bags and stir the mixture to ensure that the tea leaves mixes thoroughly to the one’s taste. Using the spoon used to stir the mixture, remove the tea bags. This is followed by adding sugar to the mixture and stirring thoroughly to bring the right taste. The amount of sugar added in a cup of tea vary from one person to another because there are those who drink a lot of sugar while there are those who just take a little or none (Rorem 12).

Once the right taste is achieved, it is time to sit down and enjoy the tea.

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