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Batman by Adam West

Batman is a popular 1960s television series that features Adam West as Batman and his colleague Burt Ward starring as Robin (Sterling 1). The two characters are engaged in a fierce fight to defend Gotham City from invasion by enemies. The series opens where Commodore Schmidlapp sails in his ship and is attacked by a shark. Observing the danger that Commodore Schmidlapp is exposed to, Batman and Robin quickly enters the batcopter and moves fast to rescue Commodore Schmidlapp. However, as soon as Batman gets ready to move to Commodore Schmidlapp’s ship, he suddenly disappears into the waters and only to come out of the waters a few minutes later with the shark attacking his legs (YouTube). Batman courageously attacks the shark with a repellant, and this causes the shark to explode, and this saves Commodore Schmidlapp from death. Soon after completing their mission, Robin and Batman opt to visit Commissioner Gordon to whom they complain to that United Underworld had set them up. United Underworld comprises of four lethal villains in Gotham City.

The series indicates that the United Underworld is so powerful and lethal as they are equipped with arsenals that include a dehydrator that is capable of into dust (Dunham 3). In addition, the United Underworld is equipped with lethal submarine war equipment that resembles a penguin and three pirate supporters. Batman and Robin engage in a fierce war with the United Undercover, and at some time during the war, the duo retreats to a buoy obscuring a projector (Sterling 1). Unfortunately, the duo gets ensnared by a magnet and aimed at by torpedoes. Creatively, Batman and Robin deploy a radio-detonator that effectively destroys missiles launched by United Underworld.

When United Underworld feel overwhelmed in the war, they opt to become more tactical means in an attempt to defeat the duo consisting of Batman and Robin. One such tactic that they employ is where Catwoman kidnaps Bruce Wayne and pretends that she has been kidnapped alongside him with the intention of luring Batman so that he can be finished completely with explosives. However, it later turns out that Wayne is Batman’s doppelganger (YouTube).

It also turns out that Batman and Robin are unable to prevent the dehydrated Security Council from being kidnapped. However, the duo does not give up the fight as they keep chasing the batboat with an attempt to save those who have been kidnapped. To make this possible, Robin decides to launch a sonic missile to destroy Penguin’s submarine, and this lowers to submarine to the ground where Batman and Robin engage the enemies in a physical fist fight. Batman and Robin carry the day as they win the fight and save Gotham City. Unfortunately, before the duo could begin celebrating their win, Batman discovers that Catwoman who is among the dead is actually his fiancé Miss KitKat, something that he discovers when the mask which Catwoman has used to cover her face falls off and Batman become tormented and heartbroken for having lost her «true love» (Dunham 3). The series comes to an end where the Security Council that had been dehydrated is rehydrated, becoming alive again.

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