Directing Writing Task 1 & 2 Essay Example

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Write about Writing

In this essay, I will provide a reflection on my writing style and why I enjoy it.

Writing is something that anyone who has gone to school must do. However, whereas a lot of people find writing difficult (Howe 135), personally, I find writing quite easy because I am very passionate about writing and enjoy it. I find writing easy because I normally take my time to practice writing. Carroll and Wilson argue that, like any other activity, it takes practice to polish one’s writing skills (31). For me, I have developed a habit of writing blogs and journals every day on different subjects of interest, and this helps build my writing fluency to a level that I am able to write with a lot of ease. Through constant practice, I have learned how to write in different formats, including academic, letters, narrative, lyric, blog, journals and reflective writing without difficulty.

I wish to state that I have become a good writer because it is something I enjoy doing. I particularly like writing because it gives me the opportunity to express my ideas and to inform the public about what happens. Every day, I usually spend some time writing blogs and journals, where I not only express my ideas and thoughts but also educate why targeted audience on various issues in the society that they might need to know. In fact, getting comments and compliments from what I write from readers of my blogs and journals normally inspires me to write more and more and to continue to enlighten the members of the public. Besides, a like writing because I learn from it through the extensive research I engage in and the fact that it enhances my critical thinking.

I wish to state that, before starting to write, I usually come up with a structure in the form of an outline. The outline is developed after conducting a thorough research on the subject matter to ensure that relevant issues that I wish to write about are not left out. Developing a structure also do forms the starting point of my writing as it enables me to develop my thoughts that I understand what to write. Moreover, I usually begin writing with an outline because having a structure to follow helps me to clarify my thoughts. Further, I usually ensure that I have a structure to follow as this also helps me identify weaknesses that might be present in my arguments, save time, as well as stay focused on the target audience. It is important to the point that most of the sentences I write about usually arrive fully formed though I normally cross-check what I have written about and do editing where necessary to ensure that grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct.

Personally, I enjoy writing about social issues in the society. In the modern day globalised and interconnected world, the society is faced with many social issues, such as rising incidences of domestic violence, poverty, and rising health problems, such as obesity and cancer (Park 124). Writing about these social issues is something I enjoy because it gives me the opportunity to educate and create awareness to the public on these issues and what the steps they need to take to address the social issues affecting them for the betterment of the current and future wellbeing of the people. For this reason, when I write, I do not do it for myself, but for the benefits of others in the society. In this regard, I take into consideration the target audience in mind whenever writing about any particular subject.

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