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Assessment 1: Part A – Written or Oral Questions

Scenario: You are the Marketing Manager for McBurger King in the Sutherland Shire area. Sales have slowed while competitor’s sales have remained steady or increased. Your manager has asked you to collect data to determine the reason for the fall in sales.

1. Explain the reasons why it is necessary to collect data. 3 marks

Raw data is important in describing facts and figures about the company. The data collected will help in the analysis process which will in turn help in revealing the patterns and trends of the company. Besides, the data will help in business intelligence which is important in decision-making process. The BI is also important in helping the management to understand the customers’ preference and increase the competitiveness. Furthermore, the data usability and intelligence will impact greatly in a company to increase the annual sales. Research conducted by the University of Texas found out that data quality, intelligence, sales mobility and usability increases the sales by 14.4 percent if the company utilizes 10 percent of the collected data. In short data collection is an important tool in improving the competitiveness of a company (Smallbusiness.chron.com2016).

2. What are your data requirements? 3 marks

Data requirement will help me to measure the quality of the data collected. The different data items will be columns, rows schemata, and spreadsheets. This will help to compare tables to classes, schemata to ontologies, rows to instances as well as columns to properties. The data requirements above will help me to define data requirements that are related to single property (column), requirements related to multiple properties in multiple columns, requirements that are related to a whole class (table) and the data requirements that are related to ontology elements that are, schema (Semwebquality.org2016).

3. What database system would you use? What are the reasons for your choice? 3 marks

There are various database management systems in today’s world. Due to the advancement in technology, most organizations have moved to the flat database systems into structured systems. One of the structured systems that I would use for McBurger King Company is the Rational databases (RDMSes). The reasons for choosing this method are because it is affordable, widely practical and reasonably good in performance. Furthermore, the system provides data storage, access and protection schemes. It has been used in Fortune 500 and other small companies making it reliable. The ACID properties in this system ensure that all the transactions are correctly completed and in the case of any changes it is possible to return to the previous state of the transaction ( 2016).

4. What methods would you use to collect data? 3 marks

Since the data required if to establish why the sales of McBurger King Company sales are falling while those for competitors are increasing or stable, the data collection method should be one that researchers as to why this is happening. The best method would be a primary method to help get the first-hand information. For this reason, I would choose survey and questionnaires. The survey would cover things like questionnaires, survey interviews, looking at customer satisfactory cards, survey cards and survey interviews among others. The reason for choosing the survey method is because it incorporates so many skills in one basket which makes data collection effective and comparison easy.

Besides the method will assist me to get information directly from the customers and customers, and their feedback would be useful in making conclusions. Survey can also take the form of web questionnaires which are mostly used to gather information online, collect data, analyze and store for further use by the administration (Resources, H., insights, I., quotes, I., hubs, S., tips, C., & Training, E. et al. 2015).

5. How would you store data, keeping in mind legal and ethical requirements? 4 marks

Data would be collected in survey and questionnaire methods. This means that some data will be in hard copy while others will be in soft copy. Therefore, there will be two methods of data storage that will involve the hard copies and the soft copies. Hard copies that will include interviews, notes, videos, photographs, and prints will be kept in a secure locked filing cabinet. They will be accessible to authorized persons, and the authorization will come from the research team and the management. The soft copies will be kept in computer drives which will have according to the Data Protection Act. The drives will be encrypted while other will have passwords. Just like he hard copies, the passwords to access the soft copies will only be accessed by the research team and the administration ( 2016).

6. How would you check potential respondents against “do not call,” “do not mail” register? 4 marks

There are various methods of avoiding pushing and vishing scams. For a genuine company to send a scam, there is always an email or phone numbers. Therefore to avoid fraudsters it is always advisable to check the email correctly to fee it is true that the email belongs to the company. Instead of clicking on the scam, it would be prudent to send an email directly to the company. To stop call scams, it is advised to register home, and telephone number to the National Do Not Call registry. The registry will not help to stop all the call scams but will block most of them. It is also important to remain vigilant as most companies will never ask for bank details or too much private information. If calls start asking for bank details or another sensitive personal information, the probability that is fraudsters is very high ( 2016).

Assessment 1 Part B – Written Assessment

  1. Spreadsheet





  1. Do you think the data could be enhanced by outsourcing to third party sources? Why?

Data can be enhanced by using third party sources. Most of the companies operating over years with no or little change over years do not develop or tend to vary little over years. When they decide to take a new approach, they can uncover financial benefits to the company. Outsourcing helps in boosting the value of the company. The strategy helps the company to reduce overhead costs but at the same time increasing its market value.

Besides, the method is beneficial in accessing skilled expertise, increased efficiency, reducing the turnaround time, flexible staffing and generating more profits. Furthermore, outsourcing helps the business to continue what it does best while research continues to see the best methods of improvement. Lastly, it is a strategic method for a business to gain a competitive edge. The company will be at an advantage to surpass competitors who have not realized the value of outsourcing.

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