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A summary of my activities
INB and INN Reflective Portfolio Statement for weeks 2-5

My Details

Course option (INB or INN):

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Comment on your performance against each of the assessment criteria for Ass 1:


Comment (up to 300 words) by each of the assessment criteria

(1) Professionalism:

Professional use of Social Technology to enhance personal branding and credibility.

  • Professional use of Social Technology is multifaceted. In as much, I have learnt myriad of concepts that can enhance personal branding and credibility. To begin with is the use of these technologies to market brands of a given company. This, I can professionally do without infringing the copyrights of such products. I have also learnt, through social technology, to create or make use of the well defined online communication tools that can enable Companies connect with employees from other parts of the world so as to reduce overreliance on flights and emails.

  • I pride myself for being able to use some of the common Web 2.0 tools to communicate and enhance my productivity. For instance, Twitter has enabled me to advance my research and productivity through literary skills I gain from class. In as much, I have realised that there are some areas that I need to improve on. As stated above, social media technology is a diverse phenomenon and in that respect, I need more information and practice on ethical and legal implication of Social Technologies on organizations. That is, the extent the use of social technologies will benefit organizations without infringing their rights.

  • Reflecting on what I have learnt, it is my belief that I deserve an above average mark. That is, 6/7. I base this rating owing to the tenets of this course. First, I believe I have acquired necessary skills to enable me periodically post high quality blogs that are not only based on current issues but succinct and attract comments from other bloggers. Such blogs are also done with standardised grammar and unique writing styles. Other than blogging, I have the needed knowledge regarding social media technologies that I can use to interact freely at any level.

(2) Strategy:

The ability to appraise Social Technology strategies and solutions for organisational and personal success.

  • While social technology tools continue to emerge with uniqueness, I have the needed knowledge and ability to apply the use of these tools in different ways. First, I appreciate that these technologies are online environment created for the sake of mass collaboration. It is why I have strived to gain excellent critical thinking knowledge about issues related to them. These include but not limited to the ability to analyse social profiles, content sharing and blogs. The analyses also encompass the ability to critique, rate and making meanings out of blogs. A very sensitive issue with social media technology is its relationship with rights organizations ought to enjoy. Am conversant with applications issues, impacts and merits of social technology to an organization. For instance, am keen not to create facebook fan page with a company’s logo or trademark which is right protected or those whose rights are reserved. Similarly, am aware that social platforms are avenues through which I can develop as an individual. It is platform that offers organizations opportunity to reach out for many people. This is to mean that I can offer my knowledge to an organization who intends to monitor and improve their inventory. In so doing, the organization can benefit from demand forecasting through social technology as it will serve the company with warnings such as shift of demand of products from other brands. Finally, I delight myself because of the ability to create, analyse and comment on blogs with deeper insights and skills that go beyond the subject matter. These are the reason I believe a score of 6/7 will reflects the above learnt skills.

(3) Impact:

Ability to engage successfully with the wider community (including people outside of UNIVERSITY) using blogging and other Social Technologies.

  • The more I dedicate my energies to develop my skills and productivity using social media technologies within school the more I have I gain the needed ability to widen the ability of freely interacting with society using the same technologies. I have extremely benefitted from tools such twitter. I have been liaising with managers of some companies to train me how to track subscribers based on their responses as well as harvesting referral data concerning IP, browser and navigation behaviors before submission of form.

  • Currently, am introduced to an exciting tool known as 123ContactForm where I can link with other organizations to exchange data. I can also affirm that I have strategically used and experimented with Facebook by professionally creating online portfolios that can network with friends and colleagues. For instance, when organizing events I have been using facebook to send invitations depending on the privacy I select.

  • LinkedIn is another that I have laid my hands on. It is the platform I believe has been resourceful for my development and productive as I leverage on. For brand exposure for instance, I have tried LinkedIn 5/5 stars to connect individuals and companies. I have been connecting with people in the same interest of work and industry so as to build a strong network. Other than connecting people, LinkedIn has been helpful in preparation of my resume thus introducing my strengths and abilities to potential recruiters or employers to land in the profession I desire.

  • I have also liked the platform offered by MySpace. It has been giving me opportunity to customize profiles as I also integrate features like groups, blogs and widgets. Though I realize it is mostly used by entertainment or music industry it provides me with avenue to organize events.

Based on the knowledge the grade earned is 6/7

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  Statement of accuracy

By submitting this document I declare that the summary of my activities is accurate. I understand that untrue statements purposely written to exagerate participation are very likely to be detected and may be investigated as academic dishonesty.

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