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Food Doodles

Genre Slot

Food Doodles is a food snapchat and video application popular among college freshmen and teenagers. It is a magical application that makes messages vanish after they have been viewed. This application targets Australian college and university freshmen that are active on social media. The main demographic is Millennials and younger generation ages 16-24 years and over 30 percent of social media users in Australia use the application. The application has been designed to operate on android and windows mobile devices. The initial download and update of the application require internet connections.

This is a food and dining app that runs for less than six (6) minutes and the download size on disc is 5.84 MB.

Food Doodles is an application popular with younger generations aged 16-24 years of age. Approximately 70 percent of the application users are college and university students who also use iPhones and smartphones. 60 percent of the users to this application are women most of who are in their first or second academic years in Australian universities and colleges. It is in this age bracket that people form lifelong eating habits and food is considered to be the fuel for growth and development. This age bracket has a bigger nutrition needs because of the massive physical changes happening in puberty.

A young woman by the name Mary grows up in a modest upper west side apartment. She is surrounded by a lot of stories from time to time and the early 1920s was an exciting time in her life.

The Main Characters

Mary is the main character in this narrative. The whole story revolves around her. There are several stories told about Mary including the story about her first love with a man named Dave; the story about Thanksgiving; and stories of Mary’s later life. Mary was a vibrant woman who was different from other women of her time. She was a smart woman, a successful business woman who was driven by adventure and ambition. Other characters were Mary’s husband Michael who was supportive of her. He helped her buy a piece of land and build cabins that could be rented during summer. Her granddaughter Gayle was a picky eater who was always in conflict with her grandmother because of her eating and cooking habit.

Story World

This is a food narrative story about someone who did something to another person using food. It is a story shared in the form of videos and snapchats on Instagram, about crazy things that someone did involving cooking. The story illustrates some interesting kitchen experiences in the days of a woman known as Mary.

Narrative Outline

Mary was a young woman who grew up in a modest upper west side apartment in Sidney Australia. The early 1920s was an exciting period for her, and she was surrounded by stories from time to time. The first story was about Mary’s first love Dave. Dave lived across the street, and the two met when Mary was using sing language on a friend who lived one floor above Dave in a building across the street. Dave had a feeling that Mary was monitoring him. Even though their romance was promising, Mary did not at any time kissed Dave, claiming she feared to become pregnant. Dave could tell her that their eyes met, but their lips had not. Their love could not last long due to the fact that she was an Italian Catholic and Dave was an Irish Catholic[CITATION Sch011 p 4 l 1033 ].

Another wonderful story about Mary was during a certain Thanksgiving when the family made a decision to have turkey. The requirement was that the family was to buy the bird and fatten if for eating later on. A small turkey was bought and raised in the apartment’s bathtub. Mary was tasked with taking care of the bird. She fed the new pet for months leading to its day. During this period, she made a bond with the turkey. Mary tried pleading with her family not to have the turkey butchered on the morning the bird was butchered, but her plea was not considered. This made her cry throughout the day and in the end, not a single person could settle to eat one bite of the bird.

Later in life, she was full of wisdom and she did many things worthy of stories to be passed to generations. An example was when she accidentally sliced the tip of her figure when she was chopping ingredients. Her thought was that this was the tip of her finger was an extra protein for the meal. Mary was accidental prone especially when cooking. This is because she only learned how to cook when she got married since she was a career woman. There is an evening where she dropped the entire chicken meal on the kitchen floor, but she still went ahead to brush the chicken and serve it to her waiting guests since she had no alternative. She navigated the kitchen through trial and error and later became a perfect cook. She developed clever techniques of ensuring people ate her food. Her granddaughter Gayle was a picky eater, and it was considered an insult by Italian women if someone failed to clear his or her plate[CITATION Sch011 p 9 l 1033 ].

She never minded whether her cooking looked suspicious even after several early mishaps. Gayle was always worried whenever her dog was not under the table awaiting scraps. She devised a method of making her granddaughter take her dinner. She started explaining to her granddaughter how life was all about magic and that her corduroy jumper had magical treats and therefore was special in a way. Gayle then found pieces of meat in the pockets of her grandmother throughout the day, but she brushed the food and ate every bit of it despite her pickiness. She was doing this to have the magic inside herself.

Mary was different from other women of her time because she was vibrant, smart and driven with adventurous ambitions. She could design and sell silk lampshades to Woolworths, a popular departmental store. This made her a successful businesswoman. They settled in with her husband in Adirondacks where they constructed cabins that could be rented during summer. She proudly said that she was the first woman to own a driving license in the state of New York. It is no satire that Mary was considered to be a mediocre cook. She was never worried about the specs of dust on the chicken that had dropped since she was too busy concurring the world. The mistakes she did when cooking did not matter since she had charms and wits that assisted her in navigating all of her life troubles including kitchen related troubles. Her life was fulfilling and long, and she had a gift of lively personality. Mary passed on from a stroke at the age of 96, but her memories remained as an amazing woman who was hilarious.


There is no nudity or violence shown on the screen and dramatic tension come from the lighting and composition. The composition is balanced and is at the same level with classical Hollywood balanced composition. Much focus is put on the foreground and background giving background equal importance. There are instances where a low contrast is used to reduce shadow. There is no use of reflections and mirrors in order not to confuse the viewers, but only in special circumstances are morrows and reflections used to increase the sense of drama and unreality.


The Yum Project also did an article on the same subject. This was only a narrative, and there were no podcasts created like in our case here.

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