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5Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Apple Company Inc is considered as one of the most successful companies in the technological market. Part of its success is associated with its ability to incorporate different forms of digital marketing strategies in advancing its product and pricing strategies (Mickalowski et al 2014). Through the company’s website and social networking platforms, such as Facebook Apple has been able to ensure constant communication with its customers by announcing to the existing customer base and target market that the company was offering varieties of products through its existing service plans. Part of the strengths of the digital marketing platforms used by Apple is that it uses varieties of its products to lure the target market (Chaffey & Bosomworth 2013).

Apple company is considered as one of the most successful companies in the use of its website and social networking platforms as part of its digital marketing strategies. This is because through the customer reviews and instant customer feedback the company has been able to develop a unique advertising and marketing situation for its products (Wingfield & Yuan 2014). This approach centers on pricing and product strategies that have made its products highly valuable based on the popularity of the product in the global market. The stringent branding digital marketing approaches maintained by Apple have been beneficial maintaining and protecting the brand while at the same time promoting uniformity through its established marketing messages (Johnson et al 2012).

Samsung is also considered one of the greatest competitors and threats to the technological market of Apple Company. This is because other than the manufacture of quality and highly competitive products, Samsung has been able to develop digital marketing and advertising strategies. Digital marketing strategies such as the Like It, Reveal It, Win It campaign on Facebook was a technique used to create an effective customer experience and improved relationship between the company and its customers (Nisen 2013). By creating a highly participatory and accessible digital marketing platform, Samsung has been able to penetrate the mobile phone market by offering variety of services at affordable cost through effective marketing campaigns.

The success of Samsung Company in digital marketing is associated with the following factors

  • Samsung uses varieties of digital marketing channels such as social media, company website and blogging sites to improve on its presence in the target market.

  • The development of campaigns on digital marketing platforms such as the Incredible Art Piece campaign as a tool for inviting mobile users to purchases its galaxy Note Pen Stylus in drawing pictures and sending it back to Samsung

  • Ability to use easily accessible marketing platforms to penetrate unexplored markets

For Apple Company to enhance its brand awareness the following digital marketing strategies should be introduced;

  • Invest in more interactive digital marketing platforms such as twitter to boost customer participation.

  • Introduce numerous promotional strategies on its brand as a way of promoting brand awareness as a way of rivaling the strategies of its competitors.

  • Improve on customer participation on digital marketing platforms as a way of improving on customer experience.


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