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Digital Curation

1.0 Comparison

Job Title




Postdoctoral Research Associate

University of Arizona

July 26, 2016

  • The advertiser has also highlighted the responsibilities and qualification of the candidates.

  • The applicant must have good communication skills.

  • Should have experience with archival or data services

  • The postdoctoral research associate will take part in the pilot by developing workflows, templates, and so forth with the aim of helping setting up tools and technology for data management as well as offering metadata support.

  • The successful applicant will work with the data curation librarian in expanding data curation and management programs and services.

  • The successful applicant will be working withthe research groups in the process of updating the plan for data management.

  • The minimum qualification is Ph.D. The preferred qualifications are almost the same as those of the first advertisement.

  • Link or address that the applicants could use to apply for the job has not been offered.

Digital Collections Librarian

Swarthmore College

April 20, 2016

  • The advertiser has highlighted the responsibilities and the qualifications needed.

  • The candidate is supposed to have a master’s degree from the ALA-accredited program.

  • The applicant should be able to work effectively in teams.

  • The successful candidate will beoffering innovative and strategic leadership for the mushrooming Swarthmore College Libraries’ digital asset preservation as well as managing a program.

  • Applicant should have at least two years’ experience.

  • The advertiser has provided a link ( that can be used by the applicant to apply for the job.

Digital Projects Librarian (Digital Initiatives and Arts & Archives)

March 25, 2016

  • The advertiser is looking for two teamwork-oriented individuals who could enable the Libraries to expand digital curation as well as digital presence program. 

  • The advert outlines the responsibilities of the Digital Projects Librarian, which includes
    collaborating with Libraries staff to describe, research and select collections; Supporting project management; engaging in research about collections, and so forth.

  • All applicants are required to have at least amaster’s degree in public history or archival science from any of the ALA-accredited institution and should have knowledge of various practices such digital curation best practices and standards, archival description, project management, as well as working independently or collaboratively.

  • All the applicants should be experienced in supervising, digitisation production environment, and working in an academic library setting.

  • All the applicants should be experienced in supervising, digitisation production environment, and working in an academic library setting.

  • The advertiser has provided a contact that can be used by any candidate that have questions regarding the advertised position and the link ( and that should be used to apply for the job.

Research Data Curator

Colorado School of Mines

Sept. 19, 2012

  • Should have a Master’s degree from an ALA-accredited institution.

  • The advertiser has highlighted the responsibilities and the qualifications needed

  • The successful applicant will be will be tasked with establishing a robust program for research data management at the University.

  • Should have experience with data repository platforms.

  • Successful applicant will work 20 hours per week.

  • The advertiser has provided link ( that should be used to apply for the job.

Digital Initiatives Librarian

Wake Forest University

Aug. 3, 2012

  • Applicants are required to have a Master’s degree from an ALA-accredited program.

  • The advertiser has highlighted the responsibilities and the qualifications needed.

  • Should have excellent communication skills.

  • Successful applicant will be involved in developing, coordinating, as well as guiding a formal program covering different digital needs, which span university’s administrative and academic domains.

  • The person will be tasked with developing a framework for digital initiatives program.

  • The applicant should have at least an experience of two years in the field of academic library.

  • The advertiser has provided link ( that should be used to apply for the job.

University of Washington

Data Curation Faculty Position

July 4, 2012

  • The advertiser has highlighted the responsibilities as well as the qualifications needed.

  • Successful applicant will betasked with building an innovative program in data curation and data sciences.

  • The advertiser has offered a physical address that should be used to apply for the job.

  • All applicants are required to have a PhD or equivalent degree.

2.0 Three Criteria Common to All Job Advertisements

As mentioned byKim et al. (2013), digital curation professionals needed particular domain knowledge that depends on the managed data and types of resources. The authors further mention that the preference or requirement for master’s degrees in fields other than information science is applicable in the fields of data curation and management.

Role Responsibilities

With the view to the above advertisements, the first common criterion used by the advertisers is the roleresponsibilities. The advertisers have listed more than three main tasks that would be undertaken by the successful applicants. Role responsibilities are crucial for data curation because it enables the applicants to understand their roles when the apply for the advertised job. More importantly, they have tried to associate the responsibilities with the university’s objective with the aim of ensuring that the applicant can envision how the advertised position fits into the plans of the university.

Person Specification

The second common criterion is the person specification since all the advertisers have outlined the qualifications, skills and attributes that they are seeking in an ideal applicant. The advertisers have tried and divided specifications up between what they need and what they consider would be an added advantage for data curation professionals. Clearly, the advertisers were clear regarding the strict criteria that the applicants had to meet.

Appealing Job Title

The third common criterion is an appealing job title, which undoubtedly increased the number of potential applicants whoview the job advert. All the advertisers have utilised simple titles such as ‘Digital Projects Librarian’ and ‘Postdoctoral Research Associate’, which are simple, clear and appealing. This enables data curation professionals to easily find a job that meet their qualifications.

Personal Reflection

I have realised that the amount of data created in digital formats is continually increasing, by means of digitalising the available analogue information and creating novel ‘born-digital’ data from the sectors like humanities, arts, as well as sciences. Digital curation can be described as the process of managing and preserving digitalised data over the long-term and it involves the management of big sets of data for day-to-day use, such as making sure that they are searchable and readable. I have noted that digital curation can be utilised in different professional situations such as funders, metadata creators, digitizers, repository managers, and many others. I have learned that digital curation jobs are mainly characterised by a multifaceted interplay of different skills and knowledge. Pryor and Donnelly (2009) maintain that data creators and data scientists are working closely in creative analysis and enquiry in managing and preserving data. I concur with Higgins (2011) that the digital curation skill base can be developed further through higher education programs and training across the globe. As a professional in data curation field, I will ensure I am equipped with the needed knowledge and skills in the future by engaging with the experts and constantly learning new approaches considering that today’s new techniques and standards are legacy systems of tomorrow (Kouper, 2016). A large institution like a university has to depend on more than one professional in performing data curation responsibilities. Therefore, to effectively preserve digital content in future, I will collaborate with other people capable of functioning within their specific individual roles. Some of the skills that I will use in future to improve my knowledge and skills include; preparing business cases, suppleness and good judgment, risk assessment and management, as well as consultation and negotiation. I intend to further my skills in metadata regimes for data management, recordkeeping, and discovery as well as compliance and auditing approaches.


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