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Planned content & source

Comment on relevance to audience

Scheduling date


1. Disruptive technology.

“HeLi-on- The world’s most compact solar charger” sourced from YouTube

Running out of battery is big problem from most people even though they got extra-charger, this design can solve this problem ever though you forget to charge the extra solar battery






-Yongjian He did the research

-Guandong Chen posted content

Ddiwei Wang monitored the

2. creative tecgnology

‘MODOBAG:rideable carry-on Luggage’ sourced from YouTube

this design is a very convenience and helpful for the old passages who are unable to move freely while they are traveling. On the other hands, while this products come into market would become a news fashion trend in young people.







-All members doing the research

-Guandong Chen posted content

-Yongjian he monitored conversation

-diwei Wang reported to team members

3. Creative technology.

‘LineFORM: Actuated Curve Interfaces for Display, Interaction, and Constraint’ sourced from YouTube

An attractive and creative technology to catch audiences minds when speakers use this product to do their presentation. Beside, this product fix many function in it







-Yongjian He did the research

-diwei wang posted content

— diwei wang fixed content

— Guandong chen checked comments

4. new digital commutation application

Popular livestream app “17”

This application is a news idea for people to share their daily life and it is good if there is without sex channel. Digital technology communication is more and more through and use. Digital channel provider should operate their business under the regulation of laws and commends on moral






-All members doing the research

-guandong chen posted content

-yongjian he monitored the comments

Table 1 — Content Plan


Post Headline/Title

Number of likes

Number of Comments

“HeLi-on- The world’s most compact solar charger

LineFORM: Actuated Curve Interfaces for Display, Interaction, and Constraint

MODOBAG: Rideable Carry-on Luggage!

Popular livestream app ‘17’ banned from Apple App Store

Table 2 — Engagement Created

The level of engagement that was created by our group was actually average based on the fact that the comments could not go beyond 10. What is evident is that if users are well engaged and the discussion in interesting, then people are bound to comment more (Sprung, 2014). This did not take place during our initial posts.

There was a variation in the level of engagement. This was because initially the topics posted were not that that interesting, as a result, the number of likes and even comments were very few. However after changing the topic, more people liked and commented on the post.


The team engaged in the content due to the fact that each team member has individual differences in their content selection. It is evident that different individuals have different preferences of accessing content (Napoli 2008). Therefore, it would be appropriate for the posts to be available in different formats to meet the tests of different peers. In the case of very inquisitive peers, the communicator may opt to include as much information as possible to reduce the possibility of resistance. There are individuals that only require basic knowledge about the product before gaining interest on it. Such people concentrate on the advantages of the product rather than seeking to determine its efficiency, durability among other critical aspects of a product. In the case of the solar charger, some members of the peer group may require the post to contain as much information as possible before posting an affirmative reply. On the other hand, some may be comfortable with the information as it is. In order to handle the issue, the member can avail the information in parts or bits and await response from the audience before deciding whether she/he should include more details or not. In the event that the audience presents satisfaction with the information as it is, there is no need to include additional information.

The post that was able to generate high level of engagement was a post that talked about the existence of a brilliant robot. This had 16 comments and 7 “+1”. The post was a success because foremost the content presented was actually very interesting. The first person to comment stated that the post was intriguing and he had never heard of the robot before. Also, the facts provided on the content were well explained and detailed. Furthermore, it can be stated that the level of engagement was very high for this particular post. The group members were actively involved in providing their views on the topic. The resultant effect is that more people joined in and posted their views.

What I have learnt is that it is important for the content to be interesting in order to attract more the engagement of more people. As Sprung, argues (2014) it is essential to choose exciting and interesting content that will capture the attention of many users.


Firstly, it is imperative that successful communication requires the communicator to have an in-depth understanding of the audience (Lunenberg 2010). For the group, peers form the bulk of the audience. Consequently, before placing a post, the group should adopt a communication style that will suit the understanding of the audience. Therefore, the members of the group should select easy-to-understand topics that meet the level of understanding of the audience. For instance, before posting information about the Modobag, YongJian He should research on the luggage design that also features advanced motorist technology. As a matter of fact, the peers that have never heard about the product will present a lot of questions that requires immediate responses. The more likes that the members of the audience attach to the post, the better the performance of the communication strategy used to inform the audience about the existence of the product. An in-depth understanding also implies that the presenter will select a good introduction that will win the attention of the audience thereby luring them to consider the product as worth considering in luggage transportation.

). With reference to the case of the luggage and advanced mobile technology, the communicator should inform the audience about the essence of the product and the problem that the product intends to solve. In this case, it is evident that embracing the technology will solve the problems encountered by passengers while transporting luggage in two aspects. The first aspect concerns the ability of the technology to enable fast transportation of luggage as compared to carrying the luggage on the back, head or walking with a suitcase along the street. The increased storage is the other advantage associated with using the product since it offers additional room for packing luggage. The availability of two versions of the Modobag; the standard one that handles individuals that do not exceed 200 lbs and the Max version that handles individuals up to a maximum of 260 lbs. The existence of dual USB charging ports and GPS for tracking is the other advantages of the machine that the group should emphasize. The ports will provide alternative source of power to the rider instead of using a power bank to recharge mobile devices over long distances. Kloprogge et al. 2007Moreover, the group should understand the purpose of the topic and purpose of the target content (

Thirdly, the effective communication of an idea requires the communicator to present a complete picture of the discussion topic and anticipate objections from the audience (Livingstone 2003). As a matter of fact, all the members of the audience will not consent to the post positively. Some will opt to oppose the content and purpose of the post and strive to justify the opposition. The post about the InfinityPV HeLi-on compact solar charger requires the communicator to avail more information about the power rating of the solar charger, the discharge time at different power consumption rates among other inner details. As evidenced in the post, it is certain that YongJian only mentioned the major advantages of the solar that include its compact nature that enables one to carry it in the pocket and its ability to store energy. Even though the peers posted positive comments about the product, there are some cases whereby the group member will have to provide finer details about the product upon the request of one of the members. Since reaching a common understanding is the principal objective the communicator, addressing counter-arguments and oppositions is imperative.

Also, engaging with the audience necessitates effective communication tips. It all starts with understanding the audience (Team FME 2013). Effective communication requires the communicator to have effective communication skills in order to ensure that the audience understands every bit of the intended information. Most importantly, the communication style adopted by the communicator should suit both the situation at hand and the audience. Communication is a two-way process that involves the transfer of information from the sender and the receiver (audience). At the end of the communication process, both parties should have a common understanding of the delivered content. Communicating peer content using posts was the main rationale of the group. There are effective ways that the group can utilize to ascertain that the communication process is successful

Fifthly, the other communication improvement strategy entails developing useful and practical ways that would enhance audience engagement and feedback (The National Archives 2013). One of the ways of attaining the objective is requesting audience feedback about whether they think the product is good or not. The communicator can also encourage feedback by including consumer experiences in the post; regardless of whether they were positive or negative. A good example is the suspension of the hottest live app as a result of the emergence of the sex scandal. Even though the primary objective of the app was communication, some users misused the app thereby compelling the relevant authorities to ban its utility. Diwei Wang can enhance the communication of the app to the audience by invoking the feedback of the audience regarding their perception on the app. Based on the reactions, the communicator can evaluate whether she/he has managed to arrive at a common understanding with the peers. From the screenshot, it is evident that the post attracted the highest number of replies. Invoking the users to post more comments implies that the communicator has achieved to relay the target information to the audience.


Appendix 1: Evidence of group posts





Appendix 2: Evidence of engaging with peer content





Appendix 3: Evidence of a highly engaging peer post

This post has the highly engagement. (which is 16 comments and 7 “+1”


Reference List

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