Differences between Sadness and Depression Essay Example

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Differences between Sadness and Depression

It is true that sadness and depression share many qualities but this does not mean that immediate diagnosis is not necessary as observes David Maxwell. Yes, many people have experienced sadness. This could have resulted from the loss of valued object or a person. It could also have been due to troublesome behaviour, thinking and patterns of interaction. Alternatively, depression is associated with neural information flow disturbance because of changes in the functioning of brain. It is situation that affects the ability of the body to think, feel, and move and even digest (Winch, 2015). This shows that the difference between sadness and depression are clear. Ideally, depression is diagnosed based on identifying signs and symptoms that affect a person’s thinking patterns, mood state and physical well-being. These can be identified early when the individual is assessed carefully. Nevertheless, depression must not be mistaken by sadness so that individuals can receive proper medical attention. Normally, depression is a motionless and feeling of emptiness. Depressed persons often struggle to release none existing feelings which can be very exhausting. Sadness is energy-in-motion. An individual who is sad focuses on sad feelings making them to build up and eventually releases them through crying. These symptoms are distinctive and can be identified early enough by evaluating an individual based on personal information. Therefore, although depression and sadness can be mixed, by addressing the more pronounced conditions it is possible to differentiate between the two so that immediate action can be taken in stead of waiting for longer.


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