(Devon Maurer) 341 COM 2-1 Discussion Technical Description

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POS Critical Review

Devon has successfully achieved the task of defining the product at a greater extent. He has managed to provide full information on the short-acronym of the machine being the POS- Point of Sale machine and USB. He has provided specific information of this machine in terms of its underlying model, which is a positive aspect since it now specifies the exact type of machine at hand; NCR P150. It is important to note that ability to provide the exact model of the machine fosters a faster analysis of the product at the market.

Devon has also managed to indicate what specific component the machine operates on, which is ascertained as being a LED, resistive touch screen display. However, Devon’s ability to expound on how the machine operates is somehow limited. It is a challenge to identify exactly what top layer of the machine that is being referred. He should have been more specific and note the particulars of this top and how it is made up within the machine in order to distinguish it from other possible layers making up the machine. It will also have been much more effective if Devon ensured to provide the specific name of the software in use. This way, the potential user will not be left in a dilemma on matters related to software applicability. All in all, in my opinion, I think that Devon has managed to provide pertinent information related to the machine that can then be used to formulate and effective and efficient marketing strategy.