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Overview of Sustainability at Coca-Cola Company

The company has undertaken significant measures to ensure sustainability in its production and business operations. Coca- Cola Company together with its affiliate bottling companies is committed in embracing programs that are aimed at reducing pollution. The company understands the great devastating effects that green gas emissions poses on the natural environment as well as the society in general. These effects can result to scarcity in availability of clean water which is a chief ingredient in its manufacturing processes and an essential element in cultivation of crops that provide important ingredients for its products.

The company has set a goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 25% by year 2020. The company has adopted important strategies to reduce its carbon emissions across its value chain. It entails transforming its manufacturing processes and adopting packaging designs that are recyclable. In 2014 the company noted that 4% and 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions was from the delivery fleets and refrigeration respectively. Therefore, it initiated important strategies aimed at reducing these emissions accordingly. It has embarked on adopting delivery fleets that are energy efficient and use renewable sources of energy to conserve energy and minimize carbon footprint emissions. Moreover, the company has started on transforming its refrigeration process by implementing coolers that use carbon dioxide that is associated with much less global warming potential than the common HFC refrigerant gas that is extensively used for refrigeration purposes. These two transformations will play a significant role in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to a greater extent. Consequently, the company has developed a program that is in a position to assess and forecast possible carbon emissions and recommend appropriate measures to offset the effects as a means of cutting down its greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability is achieved by pulling resources with important stakeholders. For instance, Coca- Cola Company has collaborated with relevant stakeholders to ensure sustainability in its production processes. For example, it has teamed with WWF, USAID and Technoserve to assist suppliers and producers to adopt emerging and more efficient methods and techniques for delivery and farming. In addition, these stakeholders promote sustainable agriculture by helping farmers implement new methods to increase efficiency and crop production. In order to conserve water and reduce its contamination, the company encourages its staffs to embrace water recycling. Furthermore, it engages with relevant partners such as local community, water agencies, governments and NGOs in order to protect local water sources since water is considered as an essential ingredient in its production.

Overview of Sustainability at Ford Company

The Ford Company has ensured existence of sustainability by addressing the following; Sustainability of material: the company regards the choice of material for making automobile as a significant determinant in addressing the sustainability across its entire life cycle. The company has embarked on increasing the use of renewable materials which are plant-based and eliminating the over reliance on petroleum and other non-renewable sources of energy. This is a positive move to curb the high carbon footprint emissions in the industry. In its selection of materials, the company has increased its use of recycled materials. This is an attempt to enhance resource efficiency to reduce depletion. The recycling of industrial and consumer wastes assists in sustainability of raw materials for use which impacts on the costs of its automobile indirectly. In addition, the company has opted in using materials that are readily available and avoid using materials that are rare and scarce. Consequently, the company uses light weight materials and shuns from using materials that impact on humans and environment negatively as an important strategy of ensuring sustainability of materials.

The company only employs those methods that are regarded as environmental friendly in its daily operations. For example, the company has invested in the emerging automotive technologies that focus on reducing carbon footprint emissions such as producing automobile of high fuel-efficiency and those that use alternative sources of energy. In addition, the company has put considerable effort to minimize its water usage in its manufacturing process through recycling process as well as designing and producing vehicles that use lesser water.

The Ford Company appreciates the public as an important stakeholder in their business. The company has invested greatly in protection of its people through appropriate health policies and embracing highly advanced practices. The company believes in safety as a paramount marketing strategy for its business. The Ford Company makes sure it engages constructively with the community where it operates. The company makes sure it works in partnership with the community in addressing the challenges that face them. The company has embarked on assisting communities meet their basic needs such s shelter, food, water, education among others. Water and human right have been the outstanding elements of the company and it has ensured that the community rights are respected in all its productions and collaborates with the community to address issues of water wherever it operates and mainly in areas where water is scarce.

Important Regulations and Legislations

Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd should make sure that it complies with the 1999 Act that ensures equal employment chances across gender. The company should plan and ensure there are equal chances in promotions, job training and employment for both women and men and include it in their reports. Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd is required to regularly report on its extent of carbon footprint emissions and other wastes. In addition, it should indicate the amount of and type of electricity it uses. To comply with 2006 Act on Energy efficiency Opportunity, the company should be in position to assess and quantify their annual energy consumptions and establish their energy savings chances. Moreover, the management should be able to differentiate the areas which are covered by legislations from those addressed by regulations and national standards. The management should be in a position to point out likely consequent fines as well as legal liabilities that may arise from non-compliance and put appropriate measures to offset them. In addition, the management should be aware of potential compensation for employees’ injuries or rehabilitation associated with environmental damages.

Vision Statement

Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd aspires to become a world class manufacturing company whilst enhancing the social, economical and environmental aspects of Yatta. This will be realized by embracing technologies and practices that reduce wastage, save energy, promote new inventions that enhance the living standards of our consumers and the public in general.

Goals and Objectives

The company has established the following goals to realize its sustainability policy;

Goal: As an attempt to save energy, Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd will team up with its management and equipment operators to cut down its energy uses in offices and workshops over the next 2 years.

Objective1: The Company will make sure future purchases of equipments are rated through the EPEAT to ensure they are energy efficient.

Objective 2: Future premises will be constructed to enhance natural lighting to reduce lighting energy by 20% in the next 5 years.

Objective 3: Computers and other equipments will be put on safe mode when not in use to cut down energy use by 1% in the next one year.

Goal: As focus for water conservation, Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd management will engage its staff and suppliers to reduce its water usage.

Objective 1: the staffs will be encouraged to adapt recycling of water to cut water usage by 5% within the next one year.

Objective 3: future purchases will entail equipments that require lesser water consumption to reduce water usage by 3% within the next 3 years.

Goal: In line with waste management, Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd will cut down the quantity of its wastage from its offices and workshops over the next 2 years.

Objective 1: Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd. Will track and quantify its waste production within a year and cut it down by 2% each year.

Objective 2: Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd will minimize its usage of hazardous elements by 5% within the next 2 years.

Goal: in line with procurement, Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd will source its equipments for use in offices and workshops as well as its raw materials for manufacturing processes in a more responsible manner within the next 3 years.

Objective 1: As from 17 august, 2017, all Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd future purchases from its suppliers should possess certification indicating restricting from the use of hazardous materials as well as certification for only those equipments that use alternative sources of energy.

Objective 2: Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd will track and form a baseline for all its acquisition that has recycled content, those that are biodegradable or recyclable.

Objective 3: Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd will track and establish a baseline for all purchases of merchandises or raw materials that are regarded as non-toxic.

Statement of Commitment

Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd is committed in establishing, enhancing and sustaining a tradition of sustainability and environmental conservation by all its stake holders ranging from staffs to its supply chain.

Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd is dedicated to offering up-to-date management assessment of its sustainability protocols and practices. Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd commits to track, quantify and report its sustainability performance and implementation process with a dedication of constant improvement.

Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd practices and operations are in line with the international standards and strategies laid down by the UN. In addition, the company guarantees that its practices and procedures agree with the set out health and safety requirements plus environmental considerations.

Calculation of Energy Usage and Appropriate Energy Saving Recommendations

Energy Consumed =power x Time=85 x 40×14=47.6kwh/day for florescent lighting

1000 1000

Energy Consumed per day =power x Time=25 x 150×15=56.25kwh/day for spotlight

1000 1000

Total energy consumption per day = (spotlighting + florescent lighting) = (47.60+56.25)


Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd will encourage its staffs to use natural lighting in the offices and workshops during the day to cut down on the amount of energy consumed for lighting. In addition, the company should invest in solar lighting and use it for lighting during the night. By adopting these two approaches, the company will greatly reduce the electricity it consumes for lighting considerably.

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