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Develop product knowledge

Develop product knowledge


3Product one: Shampoo from Alberto Company

3Executive summary

3Data collection

3Product purpose, features and strengths

3Target market/ buyer marketing

4Comparison with competitors

Reference 6

7Product two: computers from leader dealer shop Australia

7Executive summary

7Data collection

7Product purpose, features and strengths

8Buyer marketing/ target market

8Comparison with competitors

Reference 9

Product one: Shampoo from Alberto Company

Executive summary

Alberto-culver Pty. Ltd. is a private company in Australia that engages itself in the manufacture as well the distribution of household beauty care and related products such as shampoo (Alberto, 2017). The company has been in the forefront in matters concerning to the manufacture and sale of shampoo all over Australia and for export. Since 2004, the company operates with about two hundred staff and has been able to compete favourably in the industry (Alberto, 2017).

Data collection

Data used in this paper was collected using telephone interview with a number of employees. They provided. Product samples were also taken from different manufacturers to compare the quality and competitiveness of the product.

Product purpose, features and strengths

This product has been the bestselling shampoo brand in Australia over the last six months. It is a viscous liquid used for cleaning hair mostly by women. It has recorded the best features in terms of quality as well as strengths (Alberto, 2017). The brand from Alberto has satisfied all its customers due to its quality cleaning feature. The product usually used by the consumers due to its feature of removing the unwanted build up in the users’ hair without removing too much sedum which makes the hair un manageable. Alberto shampoo is manufactured by combining sodium Laureth with Cocamidopropyl Betaine using water (Alberto, 2017). The product is then made with the different speciality to cater for needs of the different consumers. It comes with different colours and the prices if affordable to all classes of buyers.

Target market/ buyer marketing

Women are always likely to purchase shampoo brands more than men. This makes the Alberto Company concentrate their marketing more to women than they do to men. However, this scenario is sometimes different when marketing shampoo that is meant to deal with dandruff like the one manufactured by the Head and shoulders company (Alberto, 2017). Alberto usually targets their customers depending on their age. They usually target under fifty customers more than the older ones. They have designed their brand for customers who want to be fashionable hence targeting the younger age (Alberto, 2017).

Comparison with competitors

Alberto brands can be compared with other brands from other companies depending on their features such as colour, setting, price as well as warranties and benefits (Alberto, 2017). The table below shows the comparison between Alberto shampoo and the heads and shoulders shampoo brands.

Alberto shampoo

Competitor shampoo

Competitor shampoo 2

Comes in different brands and colours ranging from pink, white and orange

They offer their products in different colours depending on their functions.

The shampoos are offered in different setting depending on the quality as well as function. Different brands are packaged differently

Their shampoo concentrate on different market targets due to the different needs such as dandruff

The prices range depending on the quantity of the shampoo. A very good example is the Fidos everyday shampoo that goes for $8.99 and the Frizz Dismiss Shampoo that goes for $32.30

Their prices are higher than the Alberto shampoo products. This depends on type and quality of the shampoo.


Customers in Alberto are treated the same. Payment is done on receiving the products

Customers get the benefit of choosing before buying the product.


Depending on the quality as well as the function of the shampoo.

Best suited for different ages depending on the function of the shampoo.


Alberto. “Personal products.” Company Overview of Alberto-Culver (Australia) Pty. Ltd., 11 June 2017, Accessed 12 June 2017.

Product two: computers from leader dealer shop Australia

Executive summary

Leader dealer shop is a company responsible for manufacturing as well as distributing information technology products such as PCs, notebooks as well as tablets (leader shop, 2017). It has been rated as the largest manufacturer of computers in Australia. It owns warehouses and sales offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane as well as Melbourne and Perth. In 1984, the company started as a software developer but since then it has grown to employ more than one hundred staff and more than 260 agents all over Australia (leader shop, 2017). Some of the products it distributes include leader computers, Resistance as well as Microsoft.

Data collection

The information in this paper was gotten from a survey that was conducted in one of the company’s offices. Some employees were interviewed and provided the information that was the primary source of data for the paper. This was regard to the different marketing and targets by the company. There was also interaction with different samples of the products provided by the company for sale.

Product purpose, features and strengths

The company has been manufacturing and distributing a wide range of products ranging from laptops as well as tablets. The laptops produced and distributed by the company include Samsung, HP as well as Toshiba (leader shop, 2017). They have the sole purpose of integrating information technology to the customers. They have high speed, therefore, better for student customers who may wish to conduct their research through the internet. Computers sold by the company have one year warranty to provide for quality products by the company (leader shop, 2017).

Buyer marketing/ target market

The company has been marketing their products to markets all over Australia as well as in foreign countries. It has targeted students and young users of their computers due to the features of their products depending on the users’ needs. They have also targeted big companies who need computer services to buy from them (leader shop, 2017). This is even because of the fact that they offer software development which they do for their customers at a subsidised fee. It has strong distribution channels in Australia that helps the company in reaching numerous customers across the board.

Comparison with competitors

Leader Computers Company has been facing some competition in the technology and information technology industry from other companies. Most of them have been foreign who offer their products in Australia at a cheaper price but it has been able to compete favourably (leader shop, 2017).

Product (leader computers)

Competitor 1 product (HP Australia)

Competitor two product (HP united states)

Their products come with a variety of colours but most customers prefer black

Variety of colours

Variety of colours

Well set computers as well as accessories depending on consumer needs

Good setting

Good setting

The price of these computers depend on the features but they are relatively high

Lower price compared to leader prices

Lower prices


Warrantees gave to all customers. Basically one year from the date of buying

Warranties given

Warranties given


Beneficial to specific users

Smaller in size enhancing portability

Lower prices compared to locally made


Leaders dealershop. “Leader Computers.” Leaaders company profiledealershop, 12 June 2017, Accessed 12 June 2017.

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