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  1. Identify the characteristics of the target audience from the advertising brief

The target audience mostly consists of females who are professionals and the wives of professionals with ages from 25 to 54 years. Most of the target audience are living in the inner city or the sub urban areas. This target audience has various characteristics. First is that they are beauty conscious and have an interest in looking for well-being with the use of holistic approaches of promoting health.

They have given high priority to their skin. Secondly, the target audience live active lives, and they occupy themselves with many activities such as working, studying and raising their children. Apart from these roles, they also do exercise to stay fit and healthy. They also have good socialising aspects in the society. Finally, this target audience is very cautious with their health and for that reason have resolved to opt for the natural products for skin care instead of the chemical-based skin care products.

A detailed customer profile

The demographic information of these target audiences is that most of them are females aged around 25 to 54 years. Around half of the group will be married with a combined house hold income of around $150,000 annually. Most of them live in the inner city or even the suburban areas.

The psychographic information of these target audiences is that most of them are beauty conscious and are passionate with ensuring their health by using holistic approaches in their beauty.

Analyse market factors to determine the reach and frequency required for each of the advertising media suggested in the brief.

  1. Level of involvement

Free to air TV will require almost a 15 seconds advertisement mostly in the prime time between 6.00pm to 6.30 pm when most of the people are likely to be watching the news on the TV. The program will involve all those watching TV and will run for six months thus reaching the target audience.

  1. Product usage and life cycle

The product is to be used for applying on the skin. The product uses natural materials without the use of any synthetic material. The life cycle of the product is two years.

  1. Advertising message characteristics

The advertisement message is very clear and attractive which claims that the Earth sprite products are 100% natural, effective and easily affordable. The advert message is also considered nature is advocating for the use of Eywa product that has ingredients that are natural from plants.

  1. Product characteristics

The Earth sprite product is 100% natural containing taming oil. The product is very effective in promoting the formation of new tissues leading to healthy looking skin. The product is also pocketing friendly, and customers can easily access it.

  1. Competitive situation

The product has been effective in the market and most people have tried it which has posed more competition to the already existing products that are also in the same line. The product has a competitive advantage due to its nature. The tamanu ingredients are appealing to the customers thus attracting many of them for the product.

  1. Media environment

As a way of reaching out to the population, the correct media outlets have been used for advertising the product. The increased use of TV and radio has increased the product’s popularity, especially among the target audiences.

5) Write a paragraph on the creative requirements of the advertising message and the media implications, taking the available budget into consideration.

The message should be creative for it to be appealing to the population so as to ensure the product gets the correct response. The best image regarding the product should be displayed to the population so as to see. The message should have the ingredients that are 100%. The products should be sold at a reasonable price to the target customers. The location of the manufacturer of the product should also be given top priority and its homely nature. The advertising message should also include the consideration of the economic status of the target audience and thus ensure they sell the product at a reasonable price. The media implication of this is that it will appeal the population, and thus many will view the product over the TVs or even listen to the product over the radio. A budget of around $5 million for the promotion of the product would be quite reasonable so as to reach the targeted population.

Outline the product or service merchandising requirements6)

The product merchandising requirements that will be required is a proper display of the information regarding the product to be sold and a proper and a good labelling in the outer casing. The inclusion of the ingredients of the products will also be required.

) Identify any relevant local, national or international legislation or standards that you may need to consider.7

The legislation that ought to be considered will be well documentation of the product as per the standards defined in the Australian constitution. I will also ensure that the company is registered and that the products quality has attained the regulatory bodies that should meet.


  1. Identify the media you will use for your advertising campaign. Evaluate the various media vehicles suggested in the Advertising brief. You may use media vehicles not listed in the brief as long as you can justify your choice

marketing materials-this media vehicle involves promotional packs, pamphlet and even ingredients charts. It informs the target audience of the quality of the products to be offered. I)

ii) Online social media communications such as Twitter and Facebook is also an appropriate media vehicle that would be effective in reaching the young segments of the target audiences.

iii) Newspapers are also a good media vehicle for reaching the local markets where there are the target audiences.

iv) Advertisements over the TV are also effective media vehicles that could be used and is effective especially in appealing the target audience.

v) Advertisements over the radio are also an appropriate media vehicle that helps in focusing to the target market.

  1. Explain your rationale for using the media vehicles you suggested above regarding your customer profile, the pros and cons of each media vehicle and associated budgetary requirements.

  1. Marketing materials are very effective since it will inform the target audience about the quality of the products to be offered making it appropriate media vehicle. The con behind this media is that it can only reach the ones with interest to read materials. The budget requirement for this can be around $250,000.

  2. Online Social media communications target mostly the ones who are in the social media. The pro behind this is that it can easily attract the young segment. The con behind this media is that it cannot easily reach the aged people since most of them are not having the social media. The budgetary allocation for this can be only $40,000.

  3. Newspaper media vehicle is also appropriate since it aims at the top daily newspapers. The proof this media vehicle is that it can access easily to newspapers readers. The disadvantage is that the message cab only reaches those who have the ability and passion of newspapers. The possible budgetary for this can be $50,000.

  4. TV works very well as it targets the watching audience. The con of this, however, is that it can only reach the ones who are watching the television channel airing the advert. The budgetary allocation for this is $500,000.

  5. Radio media vehicle is also critical since it focuses on the target audience. The con behind this is that it only reaches to the ones listening to the particular station airing the advert. The budgetary requirements for this are around $200,000.

  1. Calculate the number of people surveyed who were exposed to each media vehicle. For each media vehicle, calculate the number of people surveyed who were convinced to buy a product from that brand. Write a brief report evaluating the media vehicles used to advertise the brands listed above. Your report must consider:

    1. Television Which media vehicles achieved the highest reach based on the results of the survey?

    2. television Which media vehicles appear to be the most effective based on the results of the survey.

    3. Television and social media Which combinations of media vehicles appear to be the most effective?

    4. the purchasing power of the target audienceany other factors that appear to have impacted on the effectiveness of the media vehicles used to advertise the brands (length or size of advertisement, scheduling, etc.)

    5. television -6, social media-2, radio-1, newspaper-1. Having considered the results of the survey, confirm the selection of your media vehicles

  2. . Provide reasons that justify how the media vehicles you have selected meet legal and ethical requirements

  1. They have the good documentation of the product being advertised explaining of the possible usage, life cycle and the ingredients used to the user of the product. The media vehicles used have ensured that the products have met the required standards of the bodies involved.

  2. Create a media schedule that includes the following information for:

    1. the duration and timing of each media

The distribution of messages over the six month advertising period

  1. Calculate a mockup of the desired reach and frequency of the advertisement based on media vehicle chosen for the six-month period


    Social media

    Marketing material

    In-store promotions

  2. Create a media schedule that includes the following information for:

    1. the duration and timing of each media

    2. .The distribution of messages over the six month advertising period

Media vehicle




TV 2 min mini-movie

Radio 3 min broadcast

Radio 30 seconds broadcast

Newspaper advert

Women magazines

Social media

  1. Prepare a budget summary to outline total costs for the three-month campaign.


Mini-movie commercial

Channel 12

Channel 1

Facebook/twitter banner ads





The chocolate premium was formed in the year 2000. The company has been in the forefront in ensuring the traditions of schools specialised in chocolate manufacture especially which are located in France, Switzerland, Italy and even Belgium .the Company is a manufacturer of cacao products in Australia.

Vision for the future

Chocolate Premium will become the top company in the whole world in the production of chocolate products. The chocolate premium will also analyse the health benefits of their chocolate and offered wide variety while considering the dairy-free, low G.I. this will make us unique and also attract more customers.


Chocolate Premium is committed to facilitating its products using both the defensive and offensive strategies. Currently, the premium chocolate products are distributed in various countries worldwide, especially in Australia. The company can develop target audience in families that enjoy the company’s products as advised.


The company wishes to give an opportunity to the Australian people to enjoy quality chocolate. The company will combine both innovation and creativity so as to improve the quality of the product.

The target audience of this company majorly comprises of the teenagers mostly below 25 years who enjoy dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has been given top priority in the company with a choice of 70%, 80% and even 90% cacao content. This has given the chance to those with low G.I also to partake in enjoying the delightful indulgence of the dark chocolate.

Chocolate premium is the currently top quality Australian Chocolate available. This chocolate has been blended locally with quality fruits and dairy products which are imported cacao for the company. Chocolate premium is giving top priority to the health benefits with partaking dark chocolate. For this reason, they have decided to offer the widest range of dark chocolate varieties and products. This makes the company so unique and is aiming at satisfying the unmet need in the market especially in Australia.

The business goal of the chocolate premium is that it aims at becoming the leader in the Australian market for quality chocolate. Our mission is to give the Australian consumers the highest quality chocolate and at the same time ensuring fairness in trading to maintain sustainable behaviour. Chocolate premium is delighted to be offering Australians an excellent opportunity to enjoy high-quality chocolate.

A high-quality chocolate brand that is the same as the Swiss and the Belgian brands. My company is minting fair trade practices by ensuring sustainability, especially in Australian markets. This company is in the forefront of combining innovation, creativity for expertise chocolate premium products. The chocolate premium will use the state of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment with the use of high-quality cacao products thus matting a high-quality chocolate manufacture.

The business objectives of the premium chocolate company will increase revenue by around 8% in the coming four years. It is also aiming at becoming a chocolate top manufacturer leader in the next decade.

The company is aiming at various marketing objectives to increase its marketing worldwide. The company is aiming to use Facebook, Twitter as a way of establishing the company as a respected chocolate manufacture.


Chocolate Premium is committed to enhancing its marketing analysis strategy so as to become a leader in the Australian market in the production of high-quality chocolate. The company’s marketing strategy is aiming at maintaining the company’s culture so as to ensure continues improvement regarding quality and quantity. We have established a relatively good stronghold especially in the Australian country in ensuring healthy chocolate for the consumers. Our aim will be to improve website awareness for our products and also use Facebook and Twitter to widen the market of our products. In our marketing analysis, we are aiming at improving the brand name of the company.

The financial objective of this company will is to propel a double-digit growth rate in each fiscal year. We have good positioning in the market and for that matter we want to provide the European nations with high-quality chocolates. The premium chocolate product is the highest quality chocolates that are currently present in the most marketed places, especially in the European countries.


The company will use the various media vehicles as a way of reaching the target. First, packaging designs such as pamphlet and ingredients chart as the marketing materials. This media vehicle will help us to communicate with the potential chocolate consumers about our top quality chocolate product.

Secondly we will use the online platform and newspapers to target the consumers that may not be able to access the marketing materials. Finally, we will use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with the many people in the social media platforms. We will highly engage our customers with the use of the social media platforms.


The allocation and distribution of the selected media platforms will comprise of approximately AUD$1.42million. Advertisements with the use of channel platforms will be allocated AUD$700,000. Printing material will, on the other hand, be allocated with almost AUD$500,000.

The online platforms which comprise the use of Facebook, twittered, websites will be allocated with AUD$200,000. We will aim at reducing the environmental impact with the allocation and distribution processes by considering all the critical marketing strategy. This media scheduling is aiming at increasing followers on Twitter and Facebook.


Mini-movie commercial

Channel 12

Channel 1

Facebook/twitter banner ads



The objective of exceeding company’s growth in the next two years will be evaluated by the examination of the sales on a monthly basis. To achieve high production of the premium chocolate sales will be evaluated by checking the number of hits on the company’s website at the end of every month. The objective of increasing the brand name of the company will be evaluated by checking the number of the email response in each and every month and also by conducting surveys on how the consumers know the product.



To exceed company growth targets in the

next six years

Examining sales result on a weekly

To achieve 20 million hits to the Chocolate premium by the end of the campaign

Checking the hit count on the website at

the end of each year

To receive at least 600,000 response on the emails used for campaigning

Constant checking on the email responses at each and every month

To facilitate marketing of the product to the customers

Constant checking the surveys and focusing on the market in each campaign

Improve the brand awareness of the Chocolate premium yearly

Checking constantly the monthly customer surveys to check on the brand awareness

Convincing our competitors to join our brand

Conducting regular in-store surveys so as to ascertain the number of the customers who have switched to our brand.

Persuade around 50% of the target audience to be customers

Asking the customers from the point of sale how they knew about chocolate premium