Design Studio Essay Example

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Critical Reflection

The attached three dimensional figures (see the Appendix) were all developed on different concepts. Figure one was a three dimensional representation of a tower, figure two represents three dimensional flower made of different colors and figure three represents overlapping shelves and their shadows in three dimensional. All the figures have one dominant color in the background to enhance the appearance of the three dimensional models. Three dimensional design, as it can be seen from the figures, does not only enhance appearance but also adds an aspect of reality to the figures.

Positive aspects of the project

The positive aspect of this project is that it helps develop individual creative skills, especially in three dimensional designs. Contemporary trends in design involves extensive use of three dimensional figures and shapes to bring form various artistic work. Hence, the exposure alongside knowledge gained in the course of undertaking this project becomes extremely vital in future design projects. While the project might look simple from an overview, the actual implementation requires numerous hours of continuous reasoning to come up with the right combinations of shape, color and sizes of different three dimensional shapes. At the end of the day, one is able to fully engage his or her creativity in order to achieve personal objects as established prior to starting the project.

Negative Aspects of the project

The only negative aspect of the project is that it requires extensive reasoning and conceptualization. For instance, the project requires one to come up with a formidable three dimensional design idea from a collection of three dimensional figures and shapes. The process of creating distinct ideas requires a lot of creative reasoning and innovative trials using the various shapes. Once can easily give up in instances where creative designs are not realized despite numerous hours of experimentations and combinations.


Design Studio

Figure 1: A 3-D model of a Tower

Design Studio 1

Figure 2: A 3-D model of a flower

Design Studio 2

Figure 3 : 3-D Model of overlapping shelves and shadows