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Design for Sustainable Future

Design for a Sustainable Future

Evolving Environment management systems is an international standard that requires organizations to consider the impact of their products to the environment. It encourages governments, communities, businesses and individuals to contribute to environmental management by efficiently consuming natural resources, minimizing wastes and making optimal use of products (Fuad-Luke, 2002). Designers have the optimal chance shape the future and save the earth by introducing eco-friendly designs that are inexpensive; use less material and offer better profits result in an improved life standards and a better environment (Fuad-Luke, 2002).

Aardarchitecture’s Solar Roof Pod

The Aardarchitecture’s solar roof pod is a penthouse designed by students from the Spitzer School of Architecture and the Grove School of Engineering in New York that has a roof top which conforms to Alastair Fuad-Luke’s manifesto for eco-pluralistic design: “design to harness solar income (sun, wind, water or sea power) rather than use non renewable natural capital such as fossil fuel.” The roof harnesses solar energy for the whole building in form of electricity and thermal energy as well as utilizing the usually unused roof top space. The houses are designed for the environmental-conscious as it uses solar energy for electricity and heating and wind energy for air-conditioning as the roofs are ventilated allowing fresh cool air into the house (aardvarchitecture, 2011).

Design for a sustainable future

Aardarchitecture’s Solar Roof Pod (

The rooftops are flat enabling maximum absorption of solar power which is used to heat water, warm the house. The roof can as well harness storm water which can be recycled and used domestically. The penthouse is constructed using eco-friendly materials that are light, renewable including photovoltaic equipment to trap solar energy (aardvarchitecture, 2011). The Solar roof pod house incorporates the use solar, wind and water resources thus conforming to Alastair Fuad-Luke’s manifesto.


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