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Design Concept Report: Marine and Coastal Environmental Communication

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Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia


Port Campbell is a coastal town that is located on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. It is located in the Shire of Corangamite to the west of the Twelve Apostles. For tourists who love adventure and would wish to visit Australia to experience its magnificent beauty, this is an ideal place to be. It provides splendid scenery all year round for those intending to embark on family holidays, job vacations, conferences and weekend getaways to break the monotony of their daily routines. Port Campbell is not congested as the population census of 2011 estimated its population to be 618. The place is a popular destination for tourists all year round visiting the Twelve Apostles. Another popular tourist joint at Port Campbell is the Port Campbell National Park. The port also supports some fishing activity with plenty of crayfish at coastal waters. The Holiday Park is another attractive tourist favorite located at the Port Campbell main beach. The Holiday Park offers a range of attractive facilities in its backyard or proximity. These facilities include spacious powered and camping sites, national park setting, free wireless and internet access, self-contained cabin accommodation, shops, restaurants, internet kiosk, and TV room (Moyle &Croy 2009 p.202, Park Notes 2015)

Design Concept Report

Figure 1: Port Campbell Town

The Port Campbell is a scenic holiday seaside town with perfect weather to match its abundant attractions. In addition to the Twelve Apostles and the Port Campbell National Park, plenty of other attractions include the Gibson Steps, Loch Ard Gorge, and the Great Ocean Road attractions. The coastline surrounding the Port Campbell area contains steep, rocky cliffs. At the bases of most of these cliffs, splendid pristine sandy beaches stretch across the coastline in bays. The Port Campbell is surrounded by sparky cafes, restaurants, specialty shops and commercial centers such as the Port Campbell Commercial Centre (Travel Victoria 2015)

Design Concept Report 1

Figure 2: Port Campbell Main Beach

The Port Campbell Bay is centrally located in the town, and it is an inlet of water. The bay contains a calm swimming area of the calm sandy beach, a jetty, and an attractive foreshore area. The Discovery Walk provides a spectacular view over the town, along the coast, and across the Port Campbell Bay. Alternatively, one can enjoy the spectacular view from the walking track that is along the cliff top, and it can be accessed from the Port Campbell Bay by climbing the steps at the beach (Travel Victoria 2015)

Design Concept Report 2

Figure 3: Port Campbell Bay

Great Attractions in Port Campbell

The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk is 100 Kilometers long. It stretches from the Apollo Bay to close to the Twelve Apostles. The walk consists of the most scenic features of the coastline. Tourists enjoy taking hikes along the walk for the fun of hiking and enjoyment family, relatives, or friends’ company. In addition to hiking pleasure, scenic natural resources, aquatic creatures, and beautiful national parks can be seen along the Great Ocean Walk (Great Ocean Walk 2015).

Design Concept Report 3

Figure 4: A Walk in the Great Ocean Walk

The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park

This park is the second largest park in Victoria after the Port Campbell National Park. It covers approximately 7,500 hectares along about 17 kilometers of coastline. The park is richly endowed with amusing flora and fauna that include canyons, gutters, underwater arches, and deep sloping reefs (Twelve Apostles Marine National Park 2015).

Design Concept Report 4

Figure 5: A Scenic View in Twelve Apostles Marine National Park

The Port Campbell National Park

This is the largest park in Victoria, located to the south-west of Victoria. It is famous for historic shipwrecks and the famous Twelve Apostles. It contains extensive areas of flora and fauna. It also contains scenic coastal environments that include woodlands, wetlands, limestone stacks, dunes, coastal cliffs, and arches (Port Campbell National Park 2015).

Design Concept Report 5

Figure 6: The Port Campbell National Park: A Glimpse of the Twelve Apostles

The Intended Audience

The Port Campbell report intends to capture the attention of potential tourists all over the world. It also intends to inform new tourists who haven’t become accustomed to Australian best places to be. The intended audience includes both interstate and international adventurous people who wish to visit attractive places in Australia. The favorable audience would consist of middle income and high-income earners who can afford the luxurious services provided in Port Campbell. The age bracket of the audience would preferably be 25 to 70 years. However, the attractions incorporate young people between the age of 18 and 25 who wish to enjoy hiking and swimming.

To effectively capture the full attention of the intended audience, attractions have to be diversified to cater the needs of everyone intending to visit the area. Adults are the most important targets because they are the income earners and can influence the decisions of the young adults and children. Therefore, the advert specifically targets financially stable adults but in a more general sense it targets both adults and the young who can persuade their families to take them on a tour trip.

The Three Techniques Intended for the Audience

First Technique: Image Video

The visual communication approach is intended to capture a wide audience all over the world. The approach is an effective publicity technique that passes crystal clear and precise information to the target audience. The approach is appropriate to take care of the dynamics in modern communication that appeal to many people. The visual display is appropriate because one only needs to capture the pictures and understand the message.

Second Technique: Interviews

In-depth investigative interviews would be conducted to discover the thoughts and feelings of the target audience about Port Campbell. This helps to understand the issues affecting Port Campbell through the audience opinions. It also helps the researcher to understand the effectiveness of the advertisement initiative, whether it will be successful or not. This technique provides first-hand feedback, and the feelings of the audience can easily be interpreted. The nature of this communication method also allows the advertiser to persuade the audience on a one-to-one basis.

Third Technique: Writing an Article

This approach draws its inspiration from the fact that the human memory and semantics can easily be appealed through documentation. Written documents are more informative than images and video. The approach allows constant review by the audience to better understand the message. Furthermore, a written document allows for alterations without changing the meaning of the message passed. It can also allow third party reviews and recommendations to improve the content. Therefore, this method is more factual and credible to the audience. Hence, it is an effective method of communicating to the audience about Port Campbell.


Port Campbell is endowed with the world’s greatest tourist attractions. The attractions include the Port Campbell National Park and the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park that contain amusing flora and fauna. Other tourist attractions in the coastal town include the Great Ocean Walk popular for hikes, the Port Campbell Bay, the Port Campbell main beach, beautiful coastline scenery, and pristine swimming waters. The Port Campbell Bay is exceptionally endowed with natural and manmade resources that make life ‘feel at home’ while touring the Port Campbell town.

The coastal town is a wide tourist attraction center with thousands of visitors from all over the world all year round. It is the best destination for tourists wishing to visit the most attractive places in Australia. Therefore, the advertisement of the Port Campbell would have target audience all over the world mainly composed of financially stable adults. The techniques intended to communicate to the target audience would include film and video, interviews, and written articles.


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