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Jean Lebrun and Her Pastry

I must admit that Jean Lebrun is one of the best pastry chefs I have ever met. Of course I am not measuring her abilities against those of international pastry chefs whose names normally appear in the Pastry Art and Design’s Ten Best Pastry Chefs, but her ability to make different types of cakes, in general, and the fruit pizza with white chocolate, in particular, is amazing.

I knew about Madam Lebrun (as she is fondly referred to) some time back when she was running a small cake and coffee shop in our neighborhood. Her place was a common joint for young people interested in hanging out, particularly during the weekends. We would always frequent her place during our free time to savor her broad range of cakes: the delicacies that were her pastry dishes and coffee. Needless to say, many of her clients were families interested in her pastries or the occasional orders for weddings and special family celebrations. But birthday parties made the best of her client base. They were such a big deal that orders would always be placed in advance for them to be delivered.

Madam Lebrun is a young stout lady of French descent. A former schoolteacher, she quit her job to run her small confectionery and coffee and cake shop. A brief interaction with her brings to the fore the former schoolteacher training in her. The charming voice and mannerisms perfectly conceal an underlying meticulousness and strict adherence to order and details.

The most interesting part of Madam Lebrun’s pastries is that she always does her cakes with a bit of innovation and inventiveness, which gives them a unique taste all the time. Her favorite dish is the fruit pizza with white chocolate. Although I have had this dish on several occasions during many family gatherings, it will not be an overstatement to say that this delicacy tastes fresh every time I have it. The lady simply gets it right. Though her toppings always bear a slight variation to reflect different demands of clients, she retains her signature taste for strawberries, kiwi fruits, mandarin oranges and juice dipped pineapple chunks.

And neither is she only good at preparing pastries; stories abound of how good she is as an all-round cook. Guys who have had the pleasure of visiting her at her home say that her meals are prepared with the attention and observation of an expert. I can not attest to this, though.

No one knows where Madam Lebrun learned to do her pastries. Some guys close to her think that the skills are inborn and that she has mastered her skills through long years of practice. Others still say that she must have attended one of the prestigious culinary schools in America some time back in her life. Asking her about this issue does not help either; you are most likely to be met with a broad smile and a sly answer about reading and trying out a long collection of cuisines and dishes than a valuable answer. Needless to say, Madam Lebrun, as she is commonly known, remains one person I know who is so good at preparing pastries that I shall forever remember her.