Department of foreign affair and tread industry

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Department of foreign affair and trade industry of Australia

Australian Department of foreign affair and trade industry

Department of foreign affair and trade industry is a department of the Australian government, which advances the interests of Australia internationally (Australia Government: Department of foreign affairs and trade, 2016). It is involved with how the government relates with other countries and the trade policies of Australia with other countries. The department was formed on 24th July 1987 by the government of Australia with the aim of advancing the interests of Australia to the other countries of the world. It is the sole responsibility of the Australian Department of foreign affair and trade industry to closely relate with overseas governments in making sure that the money spent through foreign aid is effectively and sustainably spent. It has the aim of promoting prosperity by increasing Australia’s aid for trade investment to 20% of the aid budget by 2020. According to Australia Government: Department of foreign affairs and trade (2016), the department promotes the private sector by exploring innovative ways or engages investors in achieving development outcomes. In reduction of poverty, the department promotes economic growth through programmes that are based on social, political and economic development plan.

Maryanne (2008) argues that the poor will benefit by participating and sharing the benefits of the economically prosperous members of the society through the department’s activities. The department enables the disadvantaged members of the society like those with disabilities to get opportunities that can improve their quality of life like normal members of the society. Through the department, women and girls are empowered to make better use of their knowledge, skills and talents in order to advance gender equality. Through assessment of gender impact on all aid investments annually, the real progress of gender issues will be demonstrated. By making women make decisions in the implementation of the department’s plan of action, challenges on gender issues in the world are taken care of by the department. The department aims at bringing to an end violations of women rights and freedoms such as violence and other negative social norms by providing employment to them (Mukta 2000).

The performance of the department is assessed through the mutual obligations between Australia and its partners.As Australia through the Department of foreign affair and trade industry accounts for the performance of its investments, partner governments should also contribute to the shared goals (Maryanne, 2008). This helps the department in future budgetary allocations of the work done by the department. Aid investments are supposed to give the highest value for the money spent. The performance of the department which is assessed annually makes sure that those investments that are not adding value to the society in general are improved. According to Coombs (2016), aid investments are usually affected by the issue of corruption, the department develops and implements fraud control strategies because it operates in areas with corrupt environments. In increasing the effectiveness of investments, the department is consolidating its programmes to focus on fewer but larger investments. So as to reduce administrative costs and make the investments reach the intended beneficiaries. Through these plans of action the Australian government is able to trace how it spends its money (Coombs, 2016).

Professional skills

As a public relations officer in the department of trade and foreign affairs, one needs to be a good communicator (Hota 2000). This implies communicating to the government as well as clients and partners abroad. This will help to maintain and mange the reputation of the department’s name in the government and partners as well. Good communication skills will help to monitor and endorse the defined target audience in order to maintain understanding between the government and the department. Being a good communicator needs someone who is also a good listener. This means that there must have excellent communication skills through whichever means with the government officials and other stakeholders in order to achieve the goals of the department (Lawrence 2007). Use of social media, face to face communication, telephone and written communication is very vital for making the department’s objectives achieved.

According to Hota (2000), for effective communication to occur, one must be a good researcher. Research skills and knowledge keeps one up to date and in a position to make decisions that are sound and just to the department. A public relations officer in the department of foreign affair and trade industry is supposed to research and make decisions on where and who to partner with. Research helps one to keep on track about clients and partners current affairs and know their needs for communication to the government. When working in this department there is need of having an international mindset (Australia Government: Department of foreign affairs and trade, 2016). Thinking of partners and clients abroad requires one to be updated with the current affairs in the global economy.

Professional writing skills must be required when relating with partners and the government in the department of trade and foreign affairs. Writing skills will make communication effective and the operations of the department will run smoothly. A good public relation officer must be creative (Hota 2000). This means that he/she should come up with new and effective methods of increasing the efficiency of the department. Identifying effective methods of managing invested funds will add value to the department’s operations. Fresh ideas from creativity are very crucial when dealing with the government as well partners and other stakeholders with the aim of improving the services offered by the department (Lawrence 2000). One is also supposed to have a positive attitude, define expectations and be considerate in the activities of the department. Professional qualifications may a degree or a diploma in communication and media studies.

Personal skills

Through interaction with colleagues and peers, I have learnt to be a good communicator. Communication depends much on good listening skills which are acquired through good relationship with those around you (Australia Government: Department of foreign affairs and trade, 2016). Coming up with new ideas to solve problems depicts creativity. This is very vital in the department of foreign affairs and trade, and I believe in having it. I need an improvement in my writing skills in order to cope with the challenging writing tasks in the department.In all activities carried out in the organization, honesty, clarity and thoroughness is important. I believe I have the attributes from how I relate with my colleagues.


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