Dell New Product Development Essay Example

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Dell New Product Development 2

Dell New Product Development

By adopting more structured product development process, the Dell Company became more efficient as they came up with a common framework and language in which their decisions were made regarding the product development. This in turn empowered the development team as they enabled them to make the best choices while at the same time maintaining their managerial confidence and keeping the interest of the company (Crawford, & Di Benedetto, 2010).

By abandoning its previous ways of production, the Dell Company did not risk anything. This is because by adopting the new structured product development methods, they develop their products consistently and moreover give them room to change the product when the need arises so as to fit the customers’ needs. This became quite advantageous as it provide no room for developing products which do not appeal t the customers.

From including Engineers from different functions in Dells development process, it ensured that the Dell Company is self-sustaining. This is to say that, it enable the Dell Company to increase its efficiency and smooth running of the production process. For instance, the different Engineers perform the functions of product designing with regards to the customer needs, and then they moreover carry out the production process till the finished product is tested if it conforms to the anticipated product. This enhanced the flow of ideas and thus saves a lot of time while maintaining production efficiency. By communication of the product requirements, all the Engineers knew what is required of them and exactly produced the same (Norman, 2013)

Keeping the same team members for a development project is that the members are well conversant with the development process and thus in case of any challenges arising, they know how to handle. If for instance new members are working on a project, any challenge will call for an expert who is costly. In essence, the team members already well versed with production processes produce high-quality products due to increased exposure and experience built upon the production. However, these same members may realize that they are the best and may decide to form their own firm that will compete with the company. In addition, they may start to frustrate the management by asking for an increment of the pay so that they can continue working (Patty, & Denton, 2010).

As the Senior Manager at Dell, to further improve the development process, there is a need to work on automating some work so that it can result in more efficiency and cost saving. For instance, a machine for carrying out the internal circuitry of the inside components of the computers be purchased so that it will lead to time savings. In addition, the team will be organized into groups so that each group will handle a unit or two, this will lead to increase in production with the same costs of the factors of production. Consequently, a division of labor should be practice to ensure that quality is maintained since a person will only work on the part of the process in which he is well versed with (Chrissis et al., 2011).


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