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Deforestation and Technology

Technology and Deforestation

Does the inception of smart phones, computers, vehicles and trains intrigue humans? What thought comes to your mind when new technology is created to enhance human life? I am compelled to think that in as much as technology improves human life , there is a negative aspects brought out of each good thing we experience. New technologies may either create and facilitate increased pollution, or could possibly replace the existing pollutants. So we can say that there is a reciprocal relationship existing between technology and the environment. The environment creates a platform where technology can be put into practice, so it is evident that there must be a constant interaction between the two.

Deforestation and Technology

The preservation of the environment is an important aspect, especially when having energy issues. We survive in the planet because of a well balanced eco-system. The more we destroy the plants and habitats the more it becomes increasingly difficult to manage them. Trees for example are an important aspect in the natural environment. Trees are seen as an important aspect in maintaining the eco system. The creation of transport systems necessitates the creation of space available for the inclusion of the infrastructure. The developments of roads are imperative too, but they will be constructed at the expense of the natural vegetation. As such developing one aspects directly impacts the creation of the other.

Deforestation and Technology 1

Advancement of exploitation techniques can impact things such as forest, natural resources and aquifers that are necessary for the protection of eco-system. The creation of such technologies also increases the level of environmental pollution in such areas. In some areas technologies such as road and rail networks can be integrated to reduce the level of impact on the environment. Such initiatives are seen to reduce the impacts on the environment. Tentatively, using coaches can effectively help in reducing the number of pollutants on the roads, through emission reduction, to name a few.

Deforestation and Technology 2

It can be argued therefore that whereas the introduction of technology is paramount, protecting the very source of ecosystem is more important. Therefore creating strategies that can effectively protect the environment could go a long way in protecting human life.