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Debate topic: It would be advantageous for Medicines for Malaria Venture to distribute its malaria drug through Unilever, as Unilever already has a distribution system set up in Africa. Essay Example

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It would be advantageous for Medicines for Malaria Venture to distribute its malaria drug through Unilever, as Unilever already has a distribution system set up in Africa. A distribution system is an avenue through which the organization products are moved from their points of manufacture to the consumer or other businesses (Desowitz, 34). An elaborate distribution channel is practically efficient in the distribution channel more so for non-profit making organizations as opposed to a single operator system. The distribution of malaria medicines through a sufficient channel such as the Unilever one is advantageous in many aspects. It is also associated with certain demerits.

  • A consumer does consider the usage of a product by the assessment of the various factors such as the availability and delivery (Desowitz, 38). These factors are directly influenced by the systems of distribution. The usage of Unilever already set and reliable distribution system in advantageous in various ways which include; Cost saving. The fact the underlies this is that Unilever systems of distribution are already set and specialized across Africa. This makes its cheaper to distribute malaria medicines through the system as opposed to operating an independent distribution system. Time saving; a better system of distributing malaria medicines is associated to the time saving aspect. An elaborate system of distribution does reduce the time spent in the distribution of the medicines due to efficiency as well as the relative experience of the distribution system members. In regard to this, using the Unilever system of distribution to dispense malaria medicines in Africa is more advantageous as opposed to operating independent systems.

  • Convenience is realized. The inclusion of Unilever distribution systems in Africa for the Malaria medicines would result to convenience in the fight against malaria. The system provides a lot of convenience as far as a quick and practical availability of the drug is concerned. The Unilever system in Africa will provide the accumulating as well as the assorting services which ensures proper distribution of the medicine. The fact that the Unilever distribution system has gotten into the deeper ends of Africa, does as well create the desirable convenience in the distribution of the medicines.

  • Provision of valuable information; Based on the fact that the contact between the consumer and the Medicines Malaria Venture is facilitated by the usage of Unilever systems of distribution, as opposed to usage of independent systems, exchange of information is enhanced. The much needed advice to the consumer as far as these drugs is concerned and the feedback in mitigation of the Malaria pandemic is made easy. This creates a platform where the measuring of the realization of the goals by the Malaria medicines venture is practical and easy.

  • Communication; the application of the Unilever distribution system in Africa for malaria drugs allotment facilitates communication. A system that is well created and sufficient in the drugs supply ensures that the exchange of information is simplified (Shah, 27). This is opposed to the usage of independent not so elaborate systems. The Unilever system will ensure that the consumers are able to communicate their worries and other issues that are surrounding their usage of the drugs. It also facilitates quick action and response in a way that is efficient to the mitigation of the Malaria in Africa.

  • Provision of a broad network to distribute the Malaria medicine; an independent distribution system limits the provision of the malaria drugs. Embracing of the Unilever system on the other hand, does boost the provision of the Malaria medicines due to its broad network in Africa. Broadened network translates to more practical ways of distribution the medicines in Africa and a better approach to the taking control over the malaria pandemic. Based on this fact, the embracing of the Unilever distribution system approach in Africa Malaria drugs provision will be a practical step in the mitigation of the disease as it facilitates the place where the drugs are available.

  • On the other hand, the usage of the Unilever systems of distribution is also linked to certain disadvantages as far as the Malaria medicines venture efforts are concerned in Africa. Pricing and costs; due to the usage of other organizations system of distribution, the pricing process and the costs incurred will shoot up (Knowles & Gomes, 49). This means that the final drug shall be costly and the consumer shall be faced by a bigger burden when acquiring the medicines. Unilever will require the Malaria Medicines Venture to compensate them for usage of their resources which will accrue to outside expenditure and profit sharing.

  • Product issues; the distribution of the Malaria drugs may be requiring the special handling which may not be accorded by Unilever systems of distribution. Unilever distribution systems are set to facilitate the provision of their products; they did not account for other products which they do not produce. In this case, the drug distribution and hand lance through Unilever systems would lead to damages.

  • The level of distribution coverage; Unilever distribution system set coverage may differ from the Malaria medicine venture set coverage (Guth, 13). A mass coverage or intensive distribution, selective coverage or exclusive coverage options may vary. Unilever system may have been set for exclusive coverage for instance, while Malaria drugs are aimed at mass coverage. This variance, in the set to be achieved goals in the distribution levels would frustrate the Malaria medicines venture process.


In conclusion, based on the advantages discussed against the demerits of using the Unilever distribution channels, the usage of Unilever systems in Africa is advantageous. This is as opposed to the application of independent systems inn the distribution of the Malaria medicines in Africa. This revolves around product promotion and positioning as well as the pricing. Thus it is better to use the Unilever systems of distribution.


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