Death Investigations, A Troubled System Essay Example

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2Death Investigations, A Troubled System

Question 1

The article is one of the best in relation to death investigations in the United States. It gives insight to how death investigations are conducted in the country and the causes of death determined and reported. The article further highlights how doctors in various morgues, who are not qualified forensic pathologists perform incompetent autopsies and give false causes of death and highlights various causes of poor death investigations.

Question 2

The medical examiner system is better than the coroner system. The medical examiner system comprises highly trained forensic professionals who report the causes of death based on competent autopsy findings. On the contrary, the coroner systems are run by elected or appointed officials who are not necessarily doctors (Thompson, Secret, Bergman &Bartlet, 2011, p. 1-5).

Question 3

The medical examiners need to be doctors by profession, complete anatomic pathology and forensic pathology tests and must have worked in coroner’s or medical examiner’s offices. The requirements for coroners, however, are a high school diploma and the ability to speak to media and the grieving families.

Question 4

The federal standards require the use of money in training and hiring more forensic pathologists and constructing better facilities, something which many communities are unwilling to do, hence the failure. Additionally, the stalling of the standards is due to the lack of understanding of the importance of death investigation

Question 5

Following the many death cases that are wrongly certified in the country, igniting this topic in Washington by calling for the replacement of all coroner systems with medical examiner systems. This will facilitate investigations into the poor death investigations performed by such systems and bring to light the need for effective death investigations.

Work Cited

A.C, Thompson, Mosi, Secret, Lowell, Bergeman &Sandra Bartlet. The Real CSI: How America’s Patchwork System of Death Investigations Puts the Living at Risk. Pro Publica, 2011, p. 1-5.