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(Davida McNebb) 341 COM 2-1 Discussion (SMART kapp) Technical Description Draft

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4Dаvidа МсNеbb: Technical Description

Running Head: Dаvidа МсNеbb: Technical Description

Dаvidа МсNеbb: Technical Description


Critique of description post on the SMART kapp device

Davida McNebb description of the SMART kapp can be said to be good to some extent but it is also crucial to note that his description is too wordy and in this respect it would have been effective if he used simple and easily understandable words. This would have made it easier for the readers to understand the concept under discussion. In instances when Davida could opt to use the post as being a marketing ad it would not act as a good marketing approach or idea. This is based on the fact that the post is too wordy and for a marketing message to reach and be remembered well by the audience it should have minimal words and this is not the case. Additionally, the post is not entertaining and thus viewers will not be intrigued to watch the post.

The advice that I would offer to Davida is to ensure that the language used is simple and direct to the point under discussion. Additionally, I think it would be best to make use of pictures, tutorials so as to describe the device in a better way. This will make it easier for the audience to understand what is being described and they can also make use of the devices in the near future with a lot of ease and these will also aid in that the description can be made use of as an advertising approach for the application. For instance, it would be effective to mention that through the app one can save and share noted as they unfold through the use of the regular dry-erase marker (Smart kapp, 2017).This will ensure that the app is well targeted for people who are in schools that this will include the lectures and their students.

The picture below shows the whiteboard of the app

(Davida McNebb) 341 COM 2-1 Discussion (SMART kapp) Technical Description Draft


Smart kapp 2017, The whiteboard that anyone can see, from anywhere, accessed on 17th March 2017,