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Scenario 1:

You must install a network with 20 computers for a new business that wants to run TCP/IP and have access to the Internet. The ISP in town will assign you only two public IP addresses, so you decide to assign the computers addresses in the range of to You also need to install a network monitoring tool on the central server to monitor network activities which shows status of each computer in the network. You need to report the following to your supervising boss before you are assigned with the project.

 Produce a report that states all the required hardware and software to implement this network.

 Design the prototype of the network using Packet Tracer and describe it in the report.


As the Network Administrator, I was tasked to design a network topology which would support the 20 computers mentioned above with many users. Finance, Research & Development, Production, Marketing, and Maintenance should have full connectivity, but other departments are not allowed to it. Sales, Shipping, & Purchase Department should also have full connectivity. Human Resource & Customer Service allows access to each other but is rejected to access the I.T Department. Accounting Department should also have their own connectivity as well.

On the other hand, this corporation doesn’t exist and is designed only for the Case Study of the subject. This study will focus more on the different configurations made on the different devices such as PC’s, Routers, Switches, Modem, and Cloud & Server. Moreover, all of them should be able to access the internet.

VLAN’s 2, 3 & 7 are on the same router but can’t communicate with each other. VLAN’s 4, 5 & 6 are also on the same router, but VLAN 4 & 5 can’t access VLAN 6. On the hand VLAN’s 4 & 5 can access each other. Further than that all of the VLAN’s can access the Internet. VLAN’s 2, 3 & 7 can access the Web server 1 while VLAN’s 4, 5 & 6 can access Web server 2. Web Server 1 & 2 serves here as the Internet.

Port security was configured on the interfaces which a host or PC connects so that PC will accept only the required single Mac address allowed and will shut down its interface if another host will connect to that certain interface or tries to hack it.

Furthermore, due to PT bug, PC can’t ping the laptops. Laptops can’t ping each other, because they are connected on different router. On WiFi1, laptops are temporarily allowed on VLAN’s 2, 3 & 7. On WiFi2, laptops are also temporarily allowed on VLAN’s 4, 5 & 6.


No configuration was made in the modem only that the port 1 is connected to the router with a straight through cable and Port0 with phone cable to the Modem4 of the Cloud-PT.


DSL was used in the cloud and its Ethernet6 was connected to the FastEthernet of the Server-PT.

Web Server-PT

This was manually configured with the IP Address 0f and a default gateway of for the first, and a default gateway of

WiFi1: For VLAN’s 2, 3 & 7

Internet address was set to & LAN address was Password is knonos, WEP key is 1234567890 & at channel 1.

WiFi2: For VLAN’s 4, 5 & 6

Internet address was set to & LAN address was Password is hskjw, WEP key is 0987654321 & at channel 6.

Default gateway was set to and the IP address starts at with only 10 maximum users available.

Default gateway was set to and the IP address starts at with only 10 maximum users available.


IP addresses and default gateways are configured manually. It’s in the devices addressing table.

Data Communication and Networks

Scenario 2:

You are hired as a consultant to place a WiFi network (for 50-60 customers) for which you need to carry out WiFi scanning, to notify you of all the nearest and closest Access points (APs), as well as to identify if the networks are 802.11/a, 802.11/b, 802.11/g. Also, its main features should include AP information (SSID, MAC Address) and signal quality chart. Your wireless network should be supported by 2 servers (Web and email servers) that are connected to LAB of 20 users. You need to report the following to your supervising boss before you are assigned to the project.

 Produce a report that states all the required hardware and software to implement this network.

 Design the prototype of the network using Packet Tracer and describe it in the report.


A hybrid topology with a version of two networks that combines a star and a ring, connected by a bridge. The star topology can be used to a permanent classroom which has a central controller that one of its connection can be connected to the bridge that is also connected to the ring topology and this ring topology can be used to connect 50-60 customers.

I will go for Wireless LAN (WLAN) network connection because of:

Installation in Difficult-to-Wire Areas: wireless LAN is easy to install mores for this kind of building which has no capability of being wired. Since the walls have high ceiling and drilling the plaster is difficult.

Reduced Installation Time: Time taken to install wireless LAN is short because you just set up the router .There is no wiring and tracing of routes which the cables will pass through.

Mobility: Mobility enables users (lawyers) to physically move while using and the devices, such as a handheld PC. They can work anywhere within the specified radius of the wireless connection.

Increased Reliability: It is more reliable since the uses can access it constantly without regularly plugging in wired ports.

Long-Term Cost Savings: Little maintenance is incurred. You only need to maintain the router which is cheaper than the cost for maintaining cables.

Lastly, I will set up the Network Address Translation (NAT). NAT the addresses to one of the public addresses .Further break down that range into smaller subnets (less broadcast traffic across your entire network) and NAT each subnet created to a specific public IP since the IP’s are 4.

DNS server, and a DHCP are needed .DHCP makes the IP’s dynamically assigned.

You will need to setup a router with one Interface connected to the ISP side(WAN) and another interface in the subnet so that that the computers can connected to the LAN interface of the router. You will also need to configure that router for NAT.
I also need a switch and a router. Put in a switch to aggregate the local pc’s to a router. Make the LAN interface Then setup the public IP on the wan interface as a /30.

I will choose peer to peer network because:

It allows sharing of data for example the printers.

It does not have a centralized server.
Data Communication and Networks 1

Scenario 3:

You have been called in to consult on a new network design for CNT Books. The requirements of this design are summarized as follows:

 The building has three floors.

 There are 300 user workstations and 10 servers.

 Users must be grouped according to the projects they’re working on, but the users for each project are located on all three floors.

 There must be fault tolerance for communicating between the floors.

 Performance analyzing tool to evaluate performance and QoS of the network.

 Produce a report that states all the required hardware and software to implement this network.

 Design the prototype of the network using Packet Tracer and describe it in the report.


First, when trying to determine the best Ethernet Switch for this organization:

1. Control over Ethernet — Now, VOIP telephones, WLAN aps and far off networked devices normally require power handed on their network joins. To aid that POE gadgets, switch draw in a few vicinity within the scope of 5wireless to twenty overlay the degree of energy while serving the ones POE devices, and for that attentive evaluation of electricity circuits and cooling measures to be executed.

2. DENSITY: The blast of cell phones and the progressing movement to tablets on Wi-Fi encourage into the rising remote just way of life. Every one in every of that spells higher-speed networks (WLAN) with extra conspicuous DENSITY of get to centers. More get to facilities indicates more Ethernet ports; dynamically, it infers unique ports for every AP to address the ones speed augments on the WLAN. The (net of things) effect of eager gadgets, stretching out from networked indoor controllers to internet-enabled deal with machines, will similarly drive a necessity for extra ports. Furthermore, the flow to VOIP if you have not desert Wi-Fi phones, will no doubt require hundreds of ports

3. SDN (software Wi-Fi network) — to enhance digital networks and service-targeted Wi-Fi provisioning and wireless reconfiguration without going the Open flow route.

Four. Speed: the ones masterminding , need to make sure that their next switches meet both their present and destiny necessities and as community pace so as to alternate from Mbps to Gbps quickly or rather it has beginning at now commenced ,thusly keeping this in pinnacle of the summary is primary. Furthermore, we are now not simply examining pcs and printers. We’re speaking about WLAN get to facilities (aps) and endeavors requiring additional throughput as far flung speeds preserve rising. (Additionally, certainly, IT needs to guarantee the connection plant is up to spec for a thousand Base-T.)

Alongside those lines the important thing functions you need to take a look at

• VLAN fortify, this empowers you to have exclusive virtual networks.

• Port variety and Wi-Fi pace for each port

• The information alternate limit of the backplane. A transfer must be skilled recollect packs of simultaneous discourses. For a 1GB, you can plan to see a 10GB backplane.

• Stack ability, Many switches can be stacked the usage of a superb connection which empowers them to be controlled as an unengaged unit.

• POE, a couple sorts of devices like

• Ether channel/Bonding/hyperlink Aggregation. It is viable to combine many ports right into a single trunk.

• Routing/Firewalling L3 highlights. In recent times, many advanced switches including controlling price.

• Remote association highlights. In what way will you define the Switch, Http, Https, SSH, Telnet, Elite system.

• Exceptional of service (QOS), if you will be the usage of VOIP, having QOS is for all intents and functions required.

• Phones may be powered by a switch.

Nicely you may not want to have brief switches for all the 300 pc yet can remember to have

1. Switches (minimum 2 in wide variety): all of your 10 servers are related Wi-Fi infinitely to a switch nearby 14 focuses. With two switches you may get abundance too.

2. 24-port cognizance factor (13 to fourteen in variety to accommodate 300 Workstations) — wherein you can have every one in every of your workstations related. 23 in every center. Moreover, one port of recognition factor might be related with transfer

Here show considered is the Wi-Fi refinement in price of 1 consciousness point and 1 transfer. In case the Wi-Fi qualification is big than having cognizance focuses for workstation could be Wi-Fi desire else can recollect to have all switches.

Data Communication and Networks 2

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