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Danger in the Gulf of Mexico

Danger in the Gulf of Mexico

Clear and compelling aspects

The executive summary provided by Amanda Finley on dangers facing the Gulf of Mexico assumes that the dangers are well known. This is not the case as this is a proposal that needs to identify the problem and raise ways to resolve it. There are many dangers thus it should be clear in this proposal, which danger is being addressed. The Gulf of Mexico is in great danger, which one? This will give direction to the study.

The issues bringing danger to the Gulf of Mexico needs to be enumerated and criteria of selection of the greatest source clearly explained. The dwindling species need to be known for the team to attach value and determine areas that need great attention and urgency. One may ask how the writer of the executive summary arrived at hypoxia as greatest source, this can be disputed.

There should be facts that show the dead zone is getting bigger each year. It should not be arbitral. It should be demonstrated, and its effects over the years. From the summary, the source is said to be Mississippi river but it is clear it is not the river, but effluents discharged to the river from agricultural fields, human and roadways wastes that are disseminated to the river.

The steps that are required to solve the problem need to be highlighted, evaluated and the evaluation criteria identified and included in the summary.

Aspects that need work

The dangers facing the gulf need be identified and analyzed greatest to the least and ways to address them well determined to help establish an informed response. This aspect requires details. The sources of the dangers need to be researched; it should be possible to identify the source and surely defend the argument and be in a position to suggest the way forward. The summary also needs to demonstrate the lives aquatic or otherwise and give the most endangered. The expression that the dead zone is getting bigger, it requires studies to be conducted and demonstrated how the size has changed over time. There should be figures to support the observation.

If the executive summary provides decision makers all they need to know with regard to the project, I am not of that opinion. More work need to be done to make the proposal convincing. A proposal should not be theoretical but also contain practical aspects.