CYBER SAFETY Essay Example

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  1. Introduction

  1. Overview of sections covered

Definition of cyber safety

Why cyber safety

The importance of cyber safety

Cyber safety measures

III. Conclusion

  1. References

  1. Introduction

With the introduction of internet technology, a considerable number of individuals have a quick and an enhanced access to the internet. Despite the fact the advent of this noble technology was essentially initiated to facilitate communication and information processing, some activities such as data mining pose a serious concern in regard to the safety of people accessing the internet. The implication of such an activity is that individual private information can be accessed at will by a foreigner. In so far as the issue of cyber safety may apparently appear of less concern, it poses a serious risk that has to be addressed which calls for appropriate cyber safety measures.

  1. Overview of sections covered

What is Cyber Safety?

It is the responsible and safe use, at any instance, off or on the centre site, and by any individual, of the internet facilities of the centre, network, and related information communication technology devices, for example mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops and computers, and other internet enabled devices (Henken, 1996).

Why cyber safety?

The current trend with which technological advancement has adopted, it suffices to device and adopt appropriate strategies to ensure that people online can interact and undertake business transactions without jeopardizing their personal information. Indeed it is in the wish of both the internet service providers and their esteemed clients to have safe access to the internet. Therefore, relevant and appropriate laws need to be instituted to curb and subject people engaged in activities such as hacking so as to subject them to the due course of the law. As such, due to the urgency for the need of cyber safety, a number of efficient measures to ensure that private data do not leak have been discussed.

The importance of cyber safety

Cyber safety ensures privacy of personal information and for an educational setting, it aids in the provision of a safe learning environment which promotes the physical, social, and emotional development of learners (Lester, 2010). According to Keith, as cited in ( Davies, 2005), Cyber safety significantly contributes to the maintenance of a safe environment both for workers and visitors due to the fact personal confidential information cannot be unwillingly accessed.

Cyber safety measures

In order to reduce chances of being vulnerable while online, it is essential to factor into consideration a number of aspects that all stakeholders, specifically internet service providers, governments, cyber owners, and their customers have to conform to.

i. Maintain good internet security systems through ensuring that the hardware or software, the antivirus software, firewall hardware or software are up to date. Moreover, it is essential to ensure secure storage of the information communication technology devices, and regularly patch the operating systems.

ii. Carry out intensive cyber safety education for learners, educators, the community, and other personnel (Laurent, 2009).

iii. User accounts and passwords. It deems essential to ensure that those accessing the internet use guest accounts rather than administrator accounts to restrict entry of viruses that pose a potential risk of leaking private data. Besides, when accessing the email and other social networking sites, it is important to logout.

  1. Conclusion

In the contemporary global village, accesses to internet remains almost like a basic necessity. This is because of the ease with which individuals can communicate. However, from the basis a number of people do not have personal computers, they access internet through cyber links. To considerable extent, there are risks involved in such internet access including personification, loss, theft, and corruption of personal information. This calls for collaboration among the respective stakeholders with the willingness of incumbent regimes to ensure cyber safety.

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