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Apple is an international company that deals with information technology and accessories. The company made its first computer in 1976 an innovation by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The computer was made from the Job’s garage in California and it was the basis of the now brand that is loved by many. Apple enjoys consumer loyalty for most of its products such as the mobile device Iphone. The company has 478 retail stores located in 17 different countries and online stores found in 39 countries worldwide (“Apple”).

The vision and mission statements of the company keep changing over time to address the evolution the company has undergone over time. As such, the vision statement that had been set up by Steve Jobs is different from the current one declared by Tim Cook the current chief executive officer. The vision statements states that Apple is on earth to make innovative changes and that will never change. The company also states that its products are aimed at simplicity and not complexity (“Apple”). The vision also states that the company values are embedded in every employee and as such the collaboration will enable Apple to produce effective products.

Apple’s mission statement is about how the company has been successful in production of the Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Itunes and internet services. The company’s mission also states that Apple redefines the mobile and computing devices in the world.

Organizational structure

The operations of Apple are categorized into three divisions namely: software, hardware and support services all of which have some sub-divisions. The sub-divisions comprise of computers, internet services, peripherals and applications such as I-tunes (“Apple”).

cv resumeSource: (Apple, 2009)

Organizational culture

From its conception, Apple has had one of the friendliest environments for employees. The culture encourages hard work and growth among its employees and in that case, Apple has a fellowship that rewards exemplary performance by its employees in the fields of technology and innovation. The company upholds high levels of integrity among its employees and as such, Apple has formulated a way of ensuring so by having directly responsible persons for every project (“Apple”). Executives of the company are also allowed to pick different stock options every year.

The culture of Apple recognizes diversity and inclusion in belief that the best talents are acquired from hiring people who are diverse and with unique skills despite their race, religion, sexuality or gender.

The culture of Apple advocates for learning and education and as such, the company donates to schools that are underserved and teaches people on technology. For instance, during Barrack Obama’s presidency, the company pledged 100 million dollars, a Mac for all students and a Mac and iPod for the teachers while every classroom was given an Apple television in each and every school listed as underserved (“Apple”).

The company also upholds protection of the environment by using renewable energy sources such as solar energy. In 2015, the company made use of renewable energy sources up to 93 percent. Additionally, the company plans on using robots in manufacturing processes that are toxic to human life.

According to Tim Cook the company’s chief executive officer, the culture of the company respects the customer’s privacy and data shared with the company cannot be shared elsewhere. For instance, the company uses two step verification on services such as icloud to ensure that privacy is maintained.

As part of the Apple’s routine, the company conducts education to all members on their supply chain. The company educates the employees of their suppliers to ensure their production is within the accepted ethics of the company.

Business practices

The employees at Apple are given a chance to come up with mind blowing apps that in congruence with the current trends in the world. The company also extends its business capabilities by partnering with experts and support teams. The company also enables the employees to work and remain connected through sharing of ideas from wherever they are in the world (“Apple”). The company makes use of IOS an app that is secure for the employees to use.

Apple also gives a support system to the businesses that deal with their products or apps. The support is given through experts such as Delloite, IBM, and SAP (“Apple”). . The company helps businesses to reach their goals and visions through acts of helping them to build custom apps and offering ongoing consultation services.

Business ethics

In 2011, Apple was caught with scandals of harassing their employees in China and Singapore. Most of the employees were committing suicide and after research was conducted, it revealed that the employees were overworked. Basically, the company has built living quarters for the workers and they are woken at any time of the night to work. For instance, if a minor change is required, the workers are not notified prior but are asked to work at any time. Secondly, the workers were underpaid with salaries ranging from 17-22 dollars per day and the work is overwhelming. At the same time, the overtime hours in China are 36 but the company makes the employees work overtime up to 96 hours (Wopschall, Cody).

Another controversy on the company’s ethics is on the issue of employees being made to use harmful chemicals to clean the devices. The company was minimizing on cost by not using alcohol which is a more expensive cleaning agent.

However, the company has regretted the malpractices and has continuously worked towards changing the working conditions for the employees and the employees were asked to sign a contract promising not to commit suicide. The company is also devising a plan to make use of robots in the cleaning of devices.

SWOT analysis




Brand loyalty

Few distribution networks

Expansion of distribution networks


High profits

High prices

High demand for tablets and digital phones



Limitation to the high end market

New product lines

High cost of labor

The table above shows an analysis of Apple’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Therefore, the company should ensure that it addresses its weaknesses and threats while at the same time ensuring use of the available opportunities to expand business. As such, the company should address the issue of high prices charged on their products because they limit buyers from the low income bracket and who actually make up the largest number in the global market (Smithson, Nathaniel). The company should also make use of innovative processes to produce unique products that will beat competition which is stiff among companies such as Samsung and Techno who are also working tirelessly to keep up with Apple’s pace.

The company should also make use of the available opportunities for the high demand for smart phones and tablets to produce them in high quantities. Additionally, the company should work towards reducing prices on their products so that it can gain market from buyers with different incomes (Smithson, Nathaniel).

Major projects

Projects initiated by Apple are usually customer oriented rather than shareholder oriented. From the beginning, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak came up with products that were pleasant to the consumers and easy to use.

The most recent innovation by Apple is their online television network. The project was unique and widely accepted by most of the consumers. Apple showed a lot of innovation because no one thought the company would diversify from production of phones, tablets and computers to the televisions (“Apple”). As such, the project was a success.

The other major projects by Apple are those of I-Mac which was launched in 1998. I-Mac is a consumer desktop that makes use of the latest operating systems. The Mac-mini was a modification of I-Mac and was released to the market in 2005. The Mac-book is a super thin portable notebook that was launched in 2006. The Mac-book pro is a professional notebook and was taken to the market in 2006. The Mac-book air is an extremely thin and portable notebook launched in 2008. In 2001, Apple released the iPod music player and the Iphone in the year 2007which was a combination of the iPod and a smart phone. The ipad is a tablet with a modified version of IOS and was launched in 2010. Apple has also released into the market an Apple Watch that is only used with iphone 5 or other latest models (“Apple”). The watch is used to track fitness by its users.

The company has most recently started up Apple Energy to produce solar energies in Nevada and California. There are also prospects that the company will be manufacturing electric cars a project estimated to be complete by the year 2020.

In summary, Apple was started in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in California where its headquarters are. The company has experienced brand loyalty from the consumers who are mainly from the high end markets. The company is renowned for major innovations and projects such as iphone, iPod, iPod, Mac-books, apple TV, apple watches and production of solar energy as well as prospects for manufacturing electric cars in 2020.

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