Customers trend analysis for Nike

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Customer Trend Analysis for Nike

One of the major trends expected in Australia in the year 2016, as per the customer trends is that they will change the traditional twist or form of cachet (, 2016). They will change the exclusivity by performing the status tests in order to prove the worth of the brands that they seek or want to buy from. This states that all brands in the market have the chance to depict their capabilities and worth to consumers through led demands and environmental articulation of their choices. In turn, consumers will respond top the most applicable and catering of the brands in the market. Nike should take advantage of the identified niche of customers in the process. The created preference of environmental delivery in customer demands enables an innovative precedence for the company. By limiting its stock supply to the authenticated and communicated product bases, the company can maximize on the windfall of trends throughout the year.

Another consumer trend expected in the year 2016 is the focusing of mart brands on answering the meaningful equation regarding innovative channels adding up to nuanced contexts in order to affect the delivery of right place and time of the products (, 2016). Consumers will be particular in the channels of distribution by delivering the dimensions of place and time as per their demands. Nike is well categorized in Australia’s domain of consumer’s trends as per the distribution provisions in the country. Australia has a developed economical infrastructure that spearheads the locations of available consumers throughout a financial period. As such, Nike should take an advantage of the trend by setting up available stores and securing the available channels of distribution with convenience to demands. The purchases and transactions are evenly available for the propagation of innovative products and new preferences in the industry. In turn profitability is guaranteed with progression.

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