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Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness

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8th May, 2011

Chapter 1/ Wellness, fitness and Lifestyle Management

Wellness is the optimal health and vitality of an individual. The national wellness goal is to increase quality & years of healthy life and to eliminate health disparities amongst individuals. In order to maintain my wellness I should enhance the behaviors that contribute to it. Modern lifestyles have contributed a lot to loss o f wellness and even death and in order to put my wellness and lifestyle in check to improve my general health, I should seek for positive lifestyle management / wellness information and create & put into action a behavior change plan.

Chapter 2/ Basic Principles of Physical Fitness

Research has shown that very few individuals are engaging in recommended amounts of activity. I have learnt that making physical fitness activities a lifestyle promotes health and weight management. Placing increased amount of stress on the body causes adaptations that improve fitness and the vise versa is true. Everyone is not created equally from a physical standpoint but I should develop a balanced physical fitness activity program. In order to have an effective training program, I should follow the standard stipulated guidelines for training and choose a fitness center that is standard & convenient to me.

Chapter 3/ Cardio respiratory Endurance

The normal functioning of the cardiovascular system is vital for good health. I should engage in cardio respiratory endurance exercises in order to improve my cardio respiration, metabolism and reduce the risk of heart related diseases. In order to develop a good cardio respiratory endurance program I should set goals and apply the FITT equation. I should also make sure that I avoid any detrimental condition which might complicate my training or cause me much trauma than health benefits such as avoiding exercising in hot weather, poor air quality and cold weather.

Chapter 4/ Muscular Strength and Endurance

Muscular strength is the total force a muscle can generate with a solitary effort. In order to increase my muscular strength, I should indulge myself in strength training. This will help me to improve performance of physical activities, prevent injury, enhance self image and keep healthy. In order to have a successful weight training program I should choose good equipments and wear the right training gear. In order to avoid complications of my weight loss training I should avoid supplements and drugs because they will lead to deterioration of my health and wellness.

Chapter 5/ Flexibility and Low-Back Health

Flexibility is the range of motion in joints and it’s important for general fitness and wellness of an individual such as enhancing joint health, prevention of lower back pain & injuries and enhances lifetime wellness. In order to have a good flexibility training program I should adhere to the FITT principle. My fitness training should be geared towards improving the flexibility of abdominal, pelvic, trunk and pelvis muscles. This in turn will assist me to make my spine stable and help in easier transfer of force between the upper and lower body.

Chapter 6/ Body Composition

Body composition is the average quantity of fat mass and fat free mass. The most important way of evaluating body weight and composition is by considering the proportion of total body weight which will rank an individual as being either an obese, overweight or normal body weight. I should exercise regularly in order to cut on excess body fats in order to prevent me from contracting chronic diseases or early death. I should also make sure that I consume adequate amounts of essential lipids in order to prevent myself from little body fat associated disorders.

Chapter 7/ Putting Together a Complete Fitness Program

In order to develop a good fitness program, I should set specific, measurable, acquirable, realistic, and time bound goals. I should also select the right activity for each component of health-related fitness and set an appropriate target for each. I should also set up a system of mini-goals and rewards which will enable me monitor progress. I should have a program log as one of my monitoring tools and commit myself to the program. In putting my plan into action, I should consider appropriateness of my venue, workouts, training gear and ensure that I have enough sleep.

Chapter 8/ Nutritional Requirements: Components of a Healthy Diet

The source of energy, nutrients and vitality in our lives comes from the food we eat. Carbohydrates provides our body with energy, in case there is no enough carbohydrates in the diet the body synthesizes energy (glucose) from lipids or proteins. The body needs proteins to repair and build worn out tissues and cells. It also needs proteins to enhance the function ability of the immunity, organs, hormones, and nervous system. Fats are also essential for health and they help us to cushion the cells and tissues of the body and also to synthesize various hormones. Vitamins, minerals and water are also needed for good health.

Chapter 9/ weight Management

National institute of health in the USA stipulates that if control is not instituted, by 2030 all American adults will be overweight. Being overweight is having a BMI ranging from 25 to30. Obesity is having an excess body fat or BMI of over 30. If overweight and obesity is not controlled an individual becomes at risk of contracting various chronic diseases such as diabetes. Lifestyle factors are the leading causes of obesity although other factors exist. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits is vital in preventing and controlling obesity.

Chapter 10/ Stress

Stress is the combined emotional and physiological output in reaction to any stimulus which interrupts a human being’s homeostasis. Too much cortisol from stress is bad for long term health. I need to eat, exercise and practice relaxation exercises to lower cortisol levels. By participating in aerobic exercises on a regular basis, along with deep breathing and proper nutrition I can greatly improve my stress levels and cortisol release. Stress predisposes cardiovascular diseases, altered functioning of the immune and other health problems. Common sources of stress mainly include the major life challenges and counterproductive coping strategies of drug addiction.

Chapter 11/ Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are heart and blood vessel illness. Majority of the CVD risk factors are avoidable although others are not. There are those major CVD risk factors that can’t be changed, such as genetics, aging, gender and ethnicity, there are those risks that I need to avoid, such as smoking, alcohol & drug abuse and refrain from any psychological/ social factors that contribute to CVD. In addition to avoiding the above factors, I can also remain free from CVD by going for regular medical checkups, eating heart-healthy food, and exercising regularly.

Chapter 12/ Cancer

Cancer is abnormal, uncontrolled cellular growth which might be capable of spreading to other parts of the body or remains localized in one area. Among the leading risk factors of Cancer includes genetics, poor diet, alcohol & drug abuse, age, ethnicity, and exposure to carcinogens. Cancers of the lung, colon/ rectal, breast and prostate are the most common ones. Cancer at advanced stage has no cure although regular medical checkups and checking for the 7 major warning signs can enable me to get cured at early stages if I have it.

Chapter 13/ Substance Use and Abuse

Drug or substance abuse is a maladaptive persistent behavior that an individual develops by using substances or drugs. Dependence/addiction is most commonly associated with use of psychoactive drug. In order to keep off from drug abuse because it is a detrimental practice, I should do anything to prevent myself from taking them such as participating actively in recreational activities such as sports/games, build my self esteem and improve my academic skills. I should also become an ambassador of treatment for drug abusers because they are enslaved by drugs and they might be violent and create social injustice.

Chapter 14/ Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Majority of the STDs are caused by pathogenic microbes and the Viral STDs are the most dangerous because they do not have a cure and have potentiality of killing many individuals. In order to prevent myself from STDs I should practice abstinence from sex, avoid multi-drug injection of drugs, if I have extramarital sex I should use condoms, get screened for STDs, I should seek for more information about STDs and sensitize the population to get screened in order to reduce the prevalence of STDs and so reducing the probability of contracting the diseases.

Chapter 15/ Wellness for Life

In order to enhance wellness for life it is vital that I adopt a wellness lifestyle and behavior change. I should also develop successful interpersonal relationship for my family and friends, I should adopt life enhancing measures, use the health care system intelligence, I should make sure that the environment that I live in is clean and safe for life by in putting individual action in conserving the environment such as conserving gas and electricity, conserving water, adopting proper waste management practices such as recycling and bioremediation.


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