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Current Political Issue with Global Implications

The Obama care may very soon be a thing of the past if the Senate Republicans will pave the way for the legislation to cancel and replace the ACA. Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obama care has been and is still the largest Medicare having increased the number of Americans under insurance. According to Obama, (2017) ACA three primary goals have been to expand healthcare insurance accessibility, protecting patients from arbitrary actions from insurance companies as well as reduction of costs. It’s evident that the United States of America spends more on health care than any other country and still the quality of health care is usually below standard.

Conditions that come up as a result of unhealthy living styles, such as obesity can be charged, but other conditions such as losing weight if one is suffering from high blood pressure or he is diabetic should be treated differently. As argued by Blumberg, Buettgens & Holahan, (2016) the government should support people with the pre-existing condition to enable the get drugs at a lower cost. If this leads to a repeal of the Obama care the biggest losers will be those with existing conditions that they have to cope with. My advice would be that such group of people is exempted from high costs and co-pay and the people with pre-existing conditions that they made themselves and not by genetics should pay the premiums for themselves.

According to M & Education the current president of US Donald Trump has been said to be sabotaging individual insurance companies a move that has led to the exit of insurance firms and also rating the care as high. He also claims the Obama care is a total failure. According to Kreidler, health insurers, as well as other stakeholders in the industry, tried to explain to Trump administration the impact repeal of Obama care would cause in the US market and more so to the consumers if the level of uncertainty, as well as volatility, continued.


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