Current Event Discussion: Ethics and Technology or Whistleblowing Essay Example

Ethics and Technology or Whistleblowing

Whistle blowing is the process by which and employee of an organization decides to take the risk and bring to light the wrong doings of the organization[ CITATION Mac07 l 1033 ]. In 2014, the house committee on veteran affairs was at a hearing listening to testimonies by whistleblowers on the inadequate provision of medical supplies and services at medical clinics operated by the DVA, the department of veteran affairs[ CITATION Lew15 l 1033 ].

One of the whistleblowers in the hearing stated that they received differential treatment after they pointed out the discrepancies within the services offered by the organization. One of the witnesses went ahead to say that whistleblowers were people concerned about the welfare of the veteran community[ CITATION Lew15 l 1033 ]. In other words, she was saying the whistle blowing is an ethical act the ought to be supported. From an evaluation of this case, it is clear for one to see the connection between whistle blowing and organizational ethics.

Whistle blowers can be seen as models of integrity because they stand up to wrong doings by organizations and other systems. Since it helps to point out discrepancies organization ought to encourage internal whistle blowing because it helps the managers see their mistakes and correct them in time[ CITATION Mac07 l 1033 ]. External whistle blowing is not encourage because it comes after the organization has felt the impact of the mistakes other than help mitigate them. An organization might choose to ignore a whistle blower on the grounds that their evidence inconclusive or malicious in nature. An organization can also ignore because by agreeing to it, it will show negligence on their part.

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