Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Essay Example

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Amadeo (2017) in her article explains that cultural diversity as a representation of different races, ethnic groups, gender, religious preferences, economic status among others in a given community. According to Amadeo (2017), diversity can either strengthen an organization, if it is recognized and if the workers are open minded. Diversity can also weaken an organization if people in the firm are not committed to making it work, leading to mis-communication and hostility among the staff. A company that values cultural diversity benefits greatly from it in terms of innovation. The idea behind such an argument is that a diverse team can come up with products that can satisfy the needs of a market. Through wide-scope marketing and operations of the enterprise, diversity allows firms to choose the best regardless of their culture or race (Amadeo, 2017). This ultimately leads to increased profits. Diversifying a workplace is one way of ensuring that a business gets the best there is in the industry, which is a great way to attract the target market.


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