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Cultural Diversity In The Business Environment And Management Roles

With business ventures going global today, cultural diversity and its implication on the business environment can no longer be ignored. The probable effects run across the management roles that consequently impact on the overall business performance. This paper will discuss how cultural diversity affects organizational practices and the overall business performance.

Cultural diversity relates to the business environment from different perspectives. In my work place, Gucci designer stores, where I work as a marketing assistant for instance, cultural diversity is part and parcel of the organization. Our line of products ranging from designer clothing, handbags to shoes, is sold to our customer base distributed all over the world with different cultural inclinations. Customers different beliefs, tastes, preferences and socioeconomic culture, significantly affect our business activities dictating what we produce, which, whom we produce for, age, gender, and the marketing strategies incorporated in satisfying specific market niches.

In our business, cultural diversification has affected my roles as a marketer and the overall organization practices. As a marketing department our roles have experienced change. Take for instance planning, which involves selecting goals and ways to attain them (Henry 1987) .We had to define attainable goals in exploiting the market through promotional strategies to retain buyers. We had to review our previous strategies and appraise our performance through market research in order to find the most profitable modes. This incorporates serious decision making goals prioritization. With organizing, we had to strategically deploy personnel in our regional stores who understood the natives to develop trust and eliminate communication barriers. Tasks had to be categorized, prioritized and defined in terms of who does what, where and the command chain as we expanded our business into other states. Controlling as a function was also affected in that we had to evaluate the resources at hand and recruited more regional marketers. We had to direct much of allocated funds to capturing regions with low sales volume besides investing in online marketing to reach the divers market. Personally I had to learn new languages like French Italian among others to be able to communicate with customers calling for orders or visiting our store.

The business organizations practices have been forced to adjust to diversity. The overall management has been forced to recruit employees from different cultures to cater for customers. More funds have also been allocated to research through consumer polls in specific markets to determine their specific needs. Before expanding our line of business there was no need for an elaborate chain of supply but now the business has diverse products distributors in each consumer country. Our line of products has also been changed where we now produce even for kids. In Arab countries with strict religious cultures, our products are tailored not to infringe on their religious rights hence no tight clothing nor those that expose much of the body or seductive.

There has been real positive development on our organization from diversity, innovative and creative ideas from our diverse staff have been explored in meeting our client’s needs successfully. Lindenberger &Stoltez (2011)The long-term success of any business calls for a diverse body of talent that can bring fresh ideas, perspectives and views and a corporate mindset that values those views. New dimensions of solutions to business problems have also been realized. The largest impact however has been improved volumes of sales and profitability margin coupled with the largest market segment compared to our competitors.

In conclusion, it is very practical for any business to accept and work with diversity if any success is to be realized citing from my business example. This should be applied both in the market environment and in the organizations workforce for improved overall performance.


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