Crowdfunding pitches review

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2A Review of Crowd funding Pitches:




From the the project that highly attracted my interest was the PolyHero Dice – Wizard set by PolyHero Dice. The main reason was the transparency of the business model (Kyungok, 2016, 339). I realized that the initiators had provided a detailed business model about the products. The model also provides a useful disclosure concerning the risk of investing in dice making. The information about the PolyHero anticipated proceeds is also available. The second reason is the experience of the project managers. Greg May has over twenty years’ expertise in the profession of 3D animations and modeling. Hence his acquaintance with the industry is right. They made the former successful Kickstarter campaign for imaginative «Warrior dice set” a reality. The amount of money required to back this project varies with the level of the wizard of one’s interest.

The project that I would not fund is ‘The Creative Art Academy’. The business model is not very clear, and hence lacked most of the information that I would require to make a valid business decision. The model does not provide a good explanation of the anticipated challenges and the risks. With the current trend in the printing market, I feel that the initiators have not positioned the business in a more competitive position.

The video pitch for the PolyHero dice is fantastic. They have done a great job to demonstrate how their dice would perform in a game. Presenting the actual object increases the confidence of the backers. In general, this video portrays their commitment to revolutionizing the world of the dice. On the other, the ‘The Creative Art Academy’ has not shown any of their complete artwork on the pitch video. For example, Mahe Zehra would have shown samples of the art designs she claims have come from eighteen artists.


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