Critical Thinking and Swot Analysis portfolio

Critical thinking portfolio

Critical thinking

I define critical thinking as the ability to analyse a situation rationally and clearly to ensure that I arrive at the best decision in the circumstance (Browne and Keeley, 2007). As such it ensures that I do not only rely on personal judgements but also evaluate all the available information. It therefore eliminates all aspects of emotional attachment and personal prejudices. Critical thinking is an important skill in life since it will enable me to maintain high levels of standards. This is because I will always take time to analyse situations rather than jumping into conclusions. As such I will fully rely on the evidence presented.

Critical thinking will enable me to remain relevant in school and at work. In school, I will be able to know what information is important for my research assignments and school projects. At work, it will give me an intellectual approach to the various situations ensuring that I only make every decision based on relevant, up to date information. Relevancy is important for both students and even people working at various positions. It makes a lot of difference in situation and also ensures cost efficiency.

ICT professionals

In the ICT profession, critical thinking ensures that people in this field maintain professionalism and also manage to grow in this line of work. The reason is that these professionals tend to make a lot of decisions and therefore it is important to base all these decisions on some evidence.

Critical thinking enhances rational decision making. In ICT all decisions have an effect. They can lead to desirable features or adverse features which are dangerous. It is therefore important to take time to evaluate each situation based on the information at hand. ICT professionals need to carry out research and apply the information rationally to the decisions made.

Critical thinking enables ICT professionals to be creative. As such they can look at a given existing problem and find a creative solution to it. However, before implementing any solution, critical thinking is required so that to evaluate the costs and benefits of each. Thus, only the optimal solution is implemented. It may also enable these professionals to come up with entirely new solutions, which enhances innovation.

Critical thinking enhances team work. ICT professionals required a high level off collaboration and cooperation to solve the various problems encountered. Since they have different specialities, they require to work as a team. To be a team player, one should make contributions based on facts to avoid being misleading. Secondly, one needs to avoid getting personal about their ideas so that only the facts presented are used in the decisions implemented by the team.

SWOT Analysis portfolio


  1. Good use of visual aids to support my arguments. During my presentations, I tend to use presentation slides which include summaries of the presentation points. I make use of tables, charts and images to give a visual illusion for the information presented.

  2. Good interpersonal skills. I like giving my audience a direct eye contact during the presentation. I also engage them through giving them familiar examples and a chance to ask questions.


  1. Speak too fast. At times during the presentation I tend to speak too fast. As such the audience tends to not clearly get me.

  2. Nervousness when speaking to a large audience. This nervousness tend to make me stammer or even mispronounce some words.


  1. More practice. I can personally practise presentations to improve my presentations skills.

  2. Opportunities for presentation skills training: Some institutions’ offer courses in presentation and communication skills which are important to improve presentation skills.

  1. There is intense competition. The opportunities available especially to present in large events are usually limited and therefore the competition for those is intense.

  2. Existence of time pressure: Time is usually limited for most of the presentations and at times sticking to that time is usually challenging especially when one has a lot of content.

Strategies to overcome weaknesses

  1. Practise making presentations in front of a mirror. In this way I will monitor my speed of speaking and keep it in control.

  2. Take up more opportunities to speak to large audiences for example, volunteering to present in the church or during various school events.


Browne, M.N. and Keeley, S.M., 2007. Asking the right questions: A guide to critical thinking.