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Critical Summary

Critical Summary

The report focuses on food and nutrition in Australia. It focuses on sources of food, its availability, the nutritional value of the foods and statistical facts of food produce in Australia. It also reflects some facts that relate to the production and consumption of food. Factors that affect food security and the nutrition of majority of the Australian people are also outlined. These are factors that depend on the financial and physical status of a family.

Australia is a country that has high food productivity that can feed up to sixty million people. The food industry has three main sub branches; primary food industry that includes agriculture and fishing, secondary and tertiary food industries. About 78% of Australians take homemade meals while only 9% opt for takeaway meals. This is good news as it ensures that most Australians eat healthy meals. The choice of meals is highly dependent on factors such as health concerns and financial position.

Major factors that influence the eating habits and consequently the health of Australians are cost of food, income, access to the food, health status, culture, education and food preparation setting. Good nutrition is only achieved through good diet. The benefits of good nutrition are good health, reduced risk to chronic diseases, reduced cases of obesity and reduced chances of early death. Dietary needs vary from individual’s age, health and gender. In general, foods that are high in salt and sugar should be avoided.

According to the national nutrition survey, most adults are adhering to dietary recommendations but about 50% of them don’t take enough fruits while 91% of them avoid eating vegetables. Too much alcohol consumption is also observed in about 20% of adults. It is also noted that most children are eating foods that are taking too much fat and sugar. People in rural areas, the aboriginal and Torres Islanders and the disabled have limited access to good diets and consequently may have poor health. It is therefore important for the Australian to adhere to diet recommendations for good nutrition.


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