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The essence of a professional nursing is the restorative bond with the patient. Self awareness is the best tool that nurses can use in their profession in order to provide the best care to the patients. It is the responsibility of a professional nurse to recognize as well as maintain the relationship in the restorative boundaries. This essay discusses self awareness in nursing which helps in maintaining restorative bond between nurses and patients. It also shows the significance of self awareness and how it is developed. Consequences of not practicing self awareness in nursing environment is also demonstrated on this paper

In nursing profession, it is important to develop self awareness, this is because understanding oneself well assists in understanding other people and also helps in taking action to improve the situations, and develop the outcome rather than becoming overcome by the conditions. As Rungapadiachy (1999) states, that the character of being self aware means that there is no diffusion point. In regards to this, Rungapadiachy suggested three layers of self awareness. One is superficial, which is the awareness of one’s age as well as gender. Secondly is selective awareness, which entails awareness of things that one feels need to know them, things such as the approaches and outward appearance. The third layer is deeper awareness, which is issues that are acknowledged only by an individual, this is a layer that reflects one’s deep most secrets as well as thoughts. On the other hand, a research by Johari Window contrasts with the Rungapadiachy, stating that self examination entails risk since one is not aware of what to find. They admit that it is powerful in identifying characteristics which we could be not sure of, and which are painful. In addition, Johari states that most of the people base their self concept on the perception of other people, which might be inaccurate. However, the benefits should be a much developed sense of self awareness as well as sense of openness to new experiences in building the restorative relationship in nursing.

Despite distinct methods of developing self awareness for nurses, they all come to a conclusion that when nurses are self aware, the patients benefit. Self awareness in nursing covers a distinct body of knowledge which helps nurses in providing care to the patients and also in their nursing process which makes them competent in their work. This help nurses in understanding the patient better as well as provide the high quality care. As McQueen (2004) states, the knowledge acquired by nurses helps in understanding and actualizing the relationship between nurses and patients. In addition, the knowledge of a nurse providing care to a patient will help to provide the facts that are related to quantitative explanations which entail predictions as well as explanations. Before setting a goal, self awareness is the first step. It helps in understanding the areas that need improvement and also empowers in order to make changes as well as to strengthen ones capacities (College of Canyons, 2013). As the gains of self awareness in nursing have been discussed, it is necessary to put into consideration what can happen to restorative bond when a nurse lacks self awareness.

When a nurse lacks self awareness, the restorative relationship can be much affected. In regards to this, nurses cannot be in a good position to provide the quality care that they are expected to provide to patients. This is because the nurse without self awareness will always feel overwhelmed with work as well as their home responsibilities, since they do not want to refute on anything. According to American nurse today ( 2013), nurses without self awareness will be resentful that they are being overworked and overtired since they think it’s not right to ask for time recharge or ask for their company to grant resources for their assistance. Such nurses will agree to punitive or negative feedback since they describe themselves according to their wrongs than their rights. In addition, a nurse without self awareness cannot understand the true reasons they are miserable and is always ready to blame others which can greatly affect the outcomes of care given to patients. Therefore it is proved that lack of self awareness by a nurse can negatively affect the restorative relationship which in return affects the results of the care given to patients.

Conclusively, this paper has outlined in detail the necessity of self awareness to nurses in order for them to provide good health care as well as maintain effective restorative bond with the patients. It has also mentioned the methods of developing self awareness which include superficial, selective and deeper awareness. Advantages of self awareness were also mentioned in this paper which includes the knowledge that helps nurses in understanding as well as providing the quality health care to patients. Lack of self awareness affects the restorative awareness as well as patient results which include poor services given to patients and lack of resources since the nurses fails to request for them.

There have been great transformations in nursing context since I was in the university up to date and nurses have been playing a fundamental role in this change as per my perception. As a nurse I provide not only good care to the patient but also comfort them and assure them of their well being. As I have come to learn, I have to make decision regarding the criticality of the information given by client and works with the patient to widen mutually agreed upon care goals. In addition, I have to make decision founded on sound clinical judgments gathered from various sources as well as my own observations (Lorenz, 2013).

I have come to realize that effective communication is very essential and I must communicate to patients in order to understand what they want. It has never been in my mind that I can come across aggressive patients and in that case I was very weak and unaware of how to handle them, but I thank the management of our organization for the workshop they have organized and I know it will be of great help to me. Listening with empathy and compassionate to patients is very essential since this helps me in determining the priorities for patient care and helps in achieving desired patient goals.


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