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Assessment 3: Critical Assessment of an Academic Article

Ghalichi, L., Pournik, O., Ghaffari, M. &Vingard, E. (2013). Sleep quality among health care workers. Archives of Iranian Medicine, 16(2), 100-103

You are just around the corner to completing the first semester of 2014. The last assignment is a critical review of an academic article. We’ve chosen an article that deals with sleep and shift-workers. Please pay special attention to this, as we will be asking for potential links between these two things. Please take the time the answer the questions to the best of your ability.

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  1. What can you tell us about the journal that this article was published in? (2 marks)

the journal is an Iranian medical journal named Archives of Iranian medicine. There has been a series of volumes which has been published and the article is in Volume 16 Number 2 which is published in February 2013

  1. What type of study design is this? (1 mark) a cross sectional study

  2. What level of evidence is this study design? (1 mark)

High level evidence

  1. What was the total number of participants surveyed for the study? (1 mark) _____944_____________

  2. What was the total number of participants who completed the entire survey (1 mark) __975__________________

  3. Should the researchers have reported the results based on the number from question #4 (above) or question #5 (above)? And Why? (3 marks)

The researcher was to use the total number of participants who were surveyed.

  1. As a health practitioner, you have a patient/client who has just asked the following question: “I’ve heard that poor sleep quality is significantly associated with some things…can you tell me what those are?” Based on this article, what would you tell that patient/client? (5 marks)

  • Poor sleep is significantly related to age

  • The work pattern- high in shift workers

  • Divorce status -high in divorced than in non-divorced people

  • Gender -high prevalence in women than men

  1. What was the operational definition of ‘sleep disturbance’ used by the researchers? (2 marks)

Sleep disturbance is a disturbance which may be physical, psychological and/or environmental that results to disturbance or postponing of desired sleep.

  1. Please provide a brief description of a shift worker from the information provided in the article (2 marks)

This is a worker who attends work at times other than between 7am and 6pm

  1. Please describe the participants in this study to the best of your ability (10 marks).

The participants consisted of office workers, hospital staff, providers of primary health care and faculty members. The occupations included physicians, nurses, other health professional, office workers, and unskilled workers. In all the occupations both the shift workers and non-shift workers were considered. Those who participated were to be health as those with any physical or mental health problem were not allowed participation.

  1. From an ethical perspective, what have the researchers done to demonstrate ethical considerations of the study (4 marks).

The questionnaires were self-administered and the participants were not required to include their names on the questionnaire. The participants were required to sign an informed consent form. Before embarking on the study approval was sought from review board of Iran University of Medical Sciences. The study was also approved by Ethical Committee of Tehran University of Medical Sciences , Tehran Iran

  1. From the data in Table 1, what % of participants had disclosed that they had no daytime dysfunctions? (2 marks):

65.8% of the participants

  1. Describe 1 limitation and 1 strength to this study? (4 marks)

The fact that the participants were given 14 days to fill the questionnaire it gave room for conversing and the participant could have had enough time to come up with answers that they may have considered appropriate

The fact that there was a high participation rate is strength as this could mean that participants took the study positively and thus the information they gave could be regarded as being reliable.

  1. Please provide a brief summary of the article (For example, if someone asked you to tell them about the article in 2-3 sentences and justify your response, what would you say)? (6 marks)

This study was an investigation on the prevalence of sleep problems among health workers. The study took a cross sectional approach with a total of 925 participating 56.9% of which were found to be poor sleepers. It was concluded that poor sleep quality was common in the study population and it was associated with a lower SRH.

  1. Consider yourself a graduated Health Practitioner. From an evidence-based practice model, is this an article that you would use to inform yourself or your clients/patients about sleep habits and health outcomes if they were working as a nurse or in a FIFO role? Yes or No and briefly explain. (6 marks)

Yes this article can be used to inform clients/patients about sleep habits. This is because the article is from a medical journal in a medical field. From the article it is evident that the relevant procedure of undertaking research was followed.

EIHP100/130 (514245) Evidence Informed Health Practice – Assessment 3