Crisis in Nigeria Essay Example

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According to realism, international politics is a struggle for power among nations and justifies as natural the attempts of a nation to use national power for securing the goals of its national interest. The basic principle here is that human nature is characterized by competition, struggle and conflict where the strongest survive and violence beget violence for peace to reign. In the Nigerian case, the theory is evidenced by corruption, partisan irrational struggle for dominion, tribal agitation and the terrorism menace. The Nigerian Crisis has been very eventful. There was the abduction of more than 200 girls from Borno State by Boko Haram which prompts international support from the Western World. Nigeria is apparently in war with itself but its politicians are not aware and are only interested in ascending to power which will give them the opportunity to misuse the national wealth. Boko Haram crudely abducts the girls and organize for Quaranic classes challenging the efforts of Nigerian security agencies. In response to this, international allies of Nigeria offer support in terms of materials and experts to address the insecurity concern in its 3 out of 36 states. The political leadership is principally based succession and survival at any cost whereas Boko Haram is based on Sharia Law which is implemented with impunity against the Nigerian constitution which have provisions for freedom to live in any part of Nigeria and freedom of worship. Hence, religious tolerance and political violence have helped grow insurgency and insecurity which have resulted in loss of lives and the displacement of people from the Northern Nigeria to the South.