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Creative Studies


The Creative Director,

Wasserman + Partners,

[email protected]

Dear Sir,

RE: Application to be the Copy Writer of your advertising company.

As per the advertisement published in your article concerning the vacancy in the copy writer job, I would like to apply for the job because I believe that am a great copy writer who is ready to work with your company. I believe am a great copy writer because in order for one to become a good copywriter one does not have to only posses good writing skills. This is because I know of great writers who may not excel at copywriting or enjoy copywriting, there are few qualities that most of the good copywriters posses and I believe I posses most of these qualities which make me to consider I as a great copywriter.

One of my main quality is that am always curious, there is every need for a good copywriter to posses this quality, this is because as an internet Wassermann + partners agency copywriter, I know I will be called upon to write about anything ranging from bridesmaid gowns to cubicle furniture to the availability of free-rang chicken. As I am capable of working from any place like at my house or in the office, I am very capable of coming up with different angles about the same product line and services. With my genuine lust for academics and my tolerance for research I am very capable of understanding the minor details of the daily objects (fundamentals of a good copywriter). I do love having the knowledge of understand things and objects and looking at stories in various different angles and it is the reason why I believe I can be a good asset to your company.

Secondly I am a person full of perceptiveness as I am able to strike cords with most of the audience that are reading your advertisements. This is because copywriting is very different from other writing careers like journalism, this is because in this field we as copywriters are talking to an invincible audience while in journalism one can easily interprets the face of the audience and know if your article is appealing to them or not. Therefore in copy writing it takes a person with a good perspective in understanding the basic human psychology like what makes them angry, hopeful, happy or frustrated and I can promise your sir these qualities of perceptiveness is always in me.

I am also capable of taking huge glaciers of data and distill them into small sizes for the internet marketing morsels. I am good at figuring out what information really matters and discard all the unwanted information. Being good discernment is the reason why most of my information always sells; I have the capability to determine how my friend feels when he is still confused. As you know, there is no credit given for the copywriters unlike in other fields of writing, for my case I am full of humility and I will always trade myself for a better payment, better health insurance and standardized working hours than the glory of my work in the front page of some magazine. Most of my colleges always ask me how I manage to let other people and corporations take credit for my work, it is due to my humility and my desire to be the best copywriter that allows me to allow individuals to take that credit for the work that I have done.

With these qualities, I hope that the Wassermann partners advertising agency will give me the opportunity of working with them.

With regards


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