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Family trip

One of my fondest memories as a child was the frequent family trips to visit the Burj Khalifa for a two weeks holiday period. However, these memories started becoming relevant to me once I attained the age of five and when I learnt and appreciated the meaning of vacations. However, from that age up to now my love for vacations has not changed a bit. Back in my childhood days on the eave to a vacation I would often spend the entire night staring at the ceiling of by bedroom or turning and tossing in bed until late into the night imagining of the following day. Most of these vacation eves; I would often have butterflies in my stomach form the eve of the vacation to the moment we arrive at our destination.

On the actual morning of this vacation eve I could be very anxious of the following day, I would wake up earlier than usual and throw on whatever clothes I find comforting. In my usual happy mood I checked on my packed bags ensuring that I had not left any essential things from my travelling bags. Usually I was the first to wake up and due to the excitement, I could often wake up the rest of my family members sleeping nevertheless, I could tell they were often irritated by my rather over joyfulness. While trying to wake up my parents, in most instance they could politely request me to have enough sleep until we embark on our vacation journey so that I would not miss any detail along the trip. This could put me off at times, considering the ecstatic and overzealous mood that I could always have. Sensing that my parents will not be waking up any time soon I decided to carry the packed languages to the car myself. I carried the luggage that I could manage and those that were too heavy for me I could drag them along to the car and placed them there waiting to be loaded. My parents, more so my mother could get offended that I have dirtied her luggage but my father could always smile and try to calm my mother.

However, my jovial mood would quickly ignore their annoyance. My parent then unpacked all the bags from the car claiming that I did not know how to pack them in order to create enough space for everyone’s bags. My dad then did the packing placing each bag carefully and strategically and he managed to ensure that all these fit into the car. My brother and I helped my mother bring all the boxes, bags and suitcases which I had been unable to carry to the car. After packing we all went to prepare for the journey to Dubai. I was the first to take a shower and in my anxious mood I took less than five minute to get prepared, I was really ecstatic about my first trip to Dubai. My parents and siblings on the other hand appeared to take forever to get prepared. Finally after thirty minutes we were all at the dinner table having our breakfast.

My current mood had even made my stomach full, all I could think of is when we would reach our vacation destination. After finishing our breakfast we were forced to clean the utensils first before leaving the house. However, we were forced to use the water from our water reservoir since there was a water shortage problem along our home street that week. Cleaning utensils took less than ten minutes since everyone except my dad contributed to washing. At the moment my dad was outside cleaning the car and checking if the oil and water levels were on point. After all the preparation I was sent to check whether all the house windows and doors were locked which I did in a split of a second. My younger sister was also sent to check whether all the lights in all the rooms in the house were turned off and she seemed to take forever. I went to fetch her as we turned off the lights to the living room.

By now it was eleven o’clock in the morning therefore, I expected to be at my grandparent’s place at the emirates hills by 10 PM latest in the evening then early the next morning takes a flight to Burj Khalifa and Dubai aquarium our vacation’s destination point. In the journey I was too anxious to even sleep, I would find myself gazing at the sceneries of the nature and building along the roads as my siblings were glued on their cell phones while my parents were deeply immense into conversation. I felt that the car was going slower than usual. However, I think this was due to my anxiousness and the fact that I was the only one who was seemingly not busy doing something. The journey itself was tiring since after 10 kilometres I fell asleep only to wake up an hour later and find that we were halfway past the distance to my grandparent’s place. However, due to the anxiety pumping in me I felt that we were quite far from our destination. Just as this thought kicked in, my dad stopped at an eatery claiming that we needed a break and he was already hungry. I could not believe it since it felt like we had eaten barely three hours ago. My mother on the other hand, also claimed that she was also hungry and she needed a snack. This poured water on my efforts to revolt the idea of making a stopover at the moment.

Not being in the mood since I felt that we were wasting a lot of time I was left in the car as my siblings and my parents went to have snacks in the eatery. In an effort to try and get me out of the car my mother threatened by saying “You will be forced to wait here for close to thirty minutes for your siblings, father and I to finish our snacks why don’t you come along and have a bite”? However, I was in no mood for a snack so I let it pass. After a ‘long thirty minutes’ they were back and we refuelled then continued with our journey now everyone was in a jovial mood and we all talked about the sceneries of our vacation destination Burj Khalifa. We all narrated what we intended to do during the vacation I was the first to say “ I will take a lot of photos and also write about the experiences of this vacation in my diaries”. Now we were nearing our grandparent’s home after a 6 hour drive in the Emirates hills. While we got to town we drove to the WAFI mall to buy gifts for our grandparents. My anxiety levels declined when I saw my grandparents’ house from a distance. Choosing the gifts was a process since we did not know what exactly to buy for our grandparents. After a lot of consultation and discussions we settled for a pair of shoes, Kufi and Thobe for my grandfather and a set of utensils and hijab for grandmother.

On arrival to my grandparents place I was the first one to jump out of the car running to their house. I rang the doorbell repeatedly and my grandmother came to open with a huge smile on her face .On opening the door I was hit by the aroma of freshly baked cookies a smell which I was fond on while growing up in my grandparent’s house. As soon as we arrived my father received a phone call and by the reaction to the conversation it seemed something was not right. We all went quiet looking at him waiting for him to tell us what was amiss. After hanging up the phone once he was through with the call he looked at us and disappointedly shook his head. He later on gathered some courage and sighed he told us that we had left the taps on back at home and the water problem had been fixed therefore, the water was running through these open taps and the house was already flooded. I couldn’t believe my ears I recalled closing the windows and turning of the lights in all rooms in the house however, I did not recall ensuring all the taps were turned off as I had earlier been asked to do by my mother. Everyone looked at me in disappointed as my mother gave me a long stare. I definitely knew that not only was our day spoilt but also our entire vacation. We were forced to cancel our vacation visit to Burj Khalifa since I was had to go back with my father to help him salvage the little we could back at home. My mother and siblings remained at my grandparents’ home as we went back home and came back the next day to spend the vacation at my grandparents’ home. Since this childhood incidence I still feel that my siblings have never completely forgiven me for spoiling their vacation trip to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium.


This unit has been quite ideal for me since I have been able to learn quite a lot about creative writing. More so on the learning areas that address issues affecting writers and readers. The creative excerpt covers some of the issues that the writers and readers go through and help the narrator come up with concepts that mitigate this challenges. The problems of creativity that writer often deal with in their writing course and why it is important to make their piece of work as interesting as possible in order to inject more attraction into their writings. I was able to note the techniques employed by writers as taught in this in this course such as prose narration and employment of Storytelling tools from fiction standpoint such as the uses of quotes to help me narrate my tales.

On the other hand, this creative writing activity also reflects on the learnt issue of developing identity in writing. Hence, the article showcases how identity is developed in prose narration. On the other hand, the creative writing activity also reflects on the importance of the learnt aspect of writing ordinary pieces. The activity shows the importance of ordinary writing where it reflects on common family experiences such as a family vacation that did not go as planned. This creative writing piece also covers the aspect of writing from memory where the writing is based on the writer’s memory as he narrates the turn of events on this story on family experiences (Dai 2013, Pp. 58).

The reflection also is a perfect implementation of the lesson on nonfiction writing. In this case, the creative writing is based on the writes experiences in his family life which enabled me to implement the nonfiction writing technique. This creative writing piece also showcases the implementation of active and constant tense where the subject in the creative writing narration performs the action that is expressed by the verb (Karadüz 2011, pp.422-448). Further, the creative writing pieces also implements the learnt lessons on creation of real characters from real people.

This creative writing piece also covers the lesson learnt from the guest lecturer Sophie Cunningham on scene setting. In this case, I was able to use this technique in the creative writing by developing detailed narration as well as the use of imagery. Moreover, lessons on writing from the past where it concentrated on writing about epic events was instrumental in drafting this family experience. This creative writing piece also covers the lessons learnt from the guest lecturer Adrian Hyland, on creation of immediacy. In this case, the creative writing piece tries to bring the reader into a closer involvement with the narrative through using description and imagery. This also contributes to the sense of urgency and excitement within the reader which on the other hand makes the creative writing piece more interesting (Dai 2013, Pp. 58). Evidently, this creative writing piece also showcases the implementation of the lessons leant on the flow for a written piece. Thus, it showcases the integration of personal and factual aspect of writing.


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