Creating Shared Value(CSV) Essay Example

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Dear Colleagues,

Today, I would like to make a significant understanding on matters related to CSV and CSR. Over the years, these aspects have gained lots of interest for organisations that focuses on ensuring to not only adhere to profit maximization objective but also play a role in the immediate external environment over which it operates. This company is not an exception to this fact. In fact, as much as the company has ensured to maintain a workable sustainable development on matters safety, ethics and positive customer service, there is still enormous room for improvement.

It has been a while now since I took to conducting extensive research on how these improvements could be made. I must admit that I took the initiative of attending lots of seminars on matters related to CSR in order to come up with distinct and unique ways for which our company could attain a competitive advantage over our close rivals and realised that it will take more than doing the normal things recommended in textbooks to win the hearts of the external stakeholders; who by the way, have a strong influence on how activities are conducted here. today’s environment dictates that an organisation has to sustain a positive outlook on how to make major improvements on the existing CSR related activities; failure to which, should result to close of operations due to inefficient business practices. fellows, let us not lie to ourselves that the company is not doing anything substantial in relation to CSV; as this can be seen in its quest to fill-up and rehabilitate land mines by way of constructing dams to avoid possible danger and, also disposing-off the dangerous chemicals involved in the mining process in a better way. However, a fellow, there still remains a gap of this process that could be improved to ensure minimal pollution of the environment upon where the source of livelihood for the organisation arises.

Currently, the company destroys the chemicals like cyanide that are used in the mining process in a much conventional way of burying the waste in bare land, which still remains to be a danger to the soil as it makes it acidic and unproductive. I believe with the advancements made in the technological world, this substance can be eliminated in a much efficient manner. Present research indicates that cyanide can be successfully combined with other distinct chemicals using certain technological processes in a way that would reduce its effects to the environment. It might be true that adoption of this new technology might be expensive in the start but it will help cushion the company from possible future court litigations from different activists groups around the country.

I am of the opinion, that the company should overlook the aspect related to implementation costs of the technology and go ahead with the plan. With this in place, colleagues, the company will be positioned fairly even in the international platform in terms of its reputation standards.