Creating 8 samples of new pre arrival emails

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Pre-Arrival Emails

  1. Normal guests

Well hello there John,

Are you excited as we are for your upcoming adventure?

Your stay in our hotel is just around the corner, and we are so busy preparing for your arrival on 10th October 2016 in our La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK, Dubai.

While you are packing, have a look at the weather just to make sure you do not leave anything that is essential for your Dubai.

Our team is planning the perfect escape for you and would love to get to know you a bit better. Do you mind?

Who is your sidekick on this trip?

Is there any bucket list item you would like to cross off while in Dubai?

What makes your perfect day?

Can we offer you a ride from the airport?

We believe that there are exactly as many occasions in life as we choose to celebrate. What occasion can we celebrate with you?

We can’t wait to show you how to #livelaville but now it’s your turn to tell us all we need to know about you!

Yours sincerely,

  1. Funky and formal status

Hello John,

We know that you love fun and that is why you have selected La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK, Dubai. We promise you won’t be disappointed by this decision.

We are planning to give you the best experience in your stay in our hotel. So tell do you like football? If not so which game do you like? We have subscribed for VIP tickets in the incoming live games as a special treat for our clients.

On the other hand, if you do not like games, we have other fun activities such as forest bonfires all set to entertain our guests. I am sure that you cannot miss on this either. ‘

We can’t stop looking forward to your arrival in our hotel. Make sure you carry kits for the game you like most.

See you then.

Hello Joseph,

We are so excited to host you in our hotel. Are looking forward to staying with us? In fact, we have selected the VIPs rooms for you because we believe you are very particular customers.

What do you consider VIP in your understanding? In our La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK, Dubai we give the VIPs an individual access to amenities such as kitchenette through the executive lounge. We are sure that you will enjoy your stay in our hotel. Follow us on Twitter @lavillesuites or comment #lavillesuites. Our integral and Facebook fan page is La Ville Hotel & Suites. Follow us to learn more about the customer’s experience.

We can’t wait to host you in our premises, and you give us the feedback.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Funky and average status

We are excited to host you in our hotel!

Hello John,

How much are you excited when you spend quality time with your spouse?

Your visit has coincided with several exemplary events all aimed at making your partner unique for being part of you.

While preparing to keep in mind that we are doing a couple’s spa, hike, and a romantic beach bonfire. What does your better half love doing more when you are together? This is the perfect time for making their dream come true.

Our team is busy preparing for these events, and we would like to know which one to include you and your partner.

Look forward to hosting you in or hotel. Meanwhile follow us @lavillesuites to learn about our daily activities.

Yours sincerely

  1. Funky and average status

Hello John,

Tell me what do you expect to find in La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK? I don’t know whether you know we offer special amenities to our guest. Our hotel offers a fitness center, pool, free high-speed internet, and kitchenette.

Who does not want to keep fit nowadays? Every person is going to the gym, and that is why our hotel has started the fitness center for our guest.

Who does not like challenges and meeting new friends? We have a pool and other social amenities to allow mingling of our guests.

Surprisingly, the social amenities are an added offer for all our guests for free.

So pack your social skills and techniques as you come so that you can interact with people from diverse regions.

We were looking forward to giving you an excellent experience.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Families

View our special offers!

Hello Jobs,

It is at this time of the year that we mostly host families in our hotel. So how are large is your family? Do you feel comfortable with the rooms we have selected for you? We like to offer our consumers the best treatment, and therefore we would like to inform you of a deluxe room. The deluxe room we mostly offer at $50 but will give it to you at $40.

Additionally, I know your kids love fun, and therefore we are offering a family day out with bouncing castles for the children to play. How much do you love challenges? Our team is preparing for a family challenge day where there are activities such riding, swimming among others.

Make sure you book for any of these events as soon as possible to give your family a beautiful retreat.

We are preparing for your arrival.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Newsletter

Hello there Mary,

I don’t know whether you love reading, but we hear at La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK, Dubai we occasionally give our clients a monthly newsletter to know how we are doing.

We believe that you will be a continued guest and therefore will give you a chance t register with us.

Who does not want to know about a good place like ours? Tell me you do not want to know about any upcoming events in Dubai and I will stop urging you to have our newsletter.

Click here to register with us so that you can stay informed.

I can’t wait to get you go ahead so that I can start sending you our newsletter.

Yours sincerely

  1. Promotions

Hey Jobs,

So what do you know about the Coco-Cola products? Which are your favorite beverages? Do you know about McDonald’s burger?

I know you are now hungry already. Yeah, in La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK, Dubai we serve our guest with their favorite dishes and from their mother country in particular.

Do you know that McDonalds already have a new production line of burgers? What about Coco-Cola beverages? I know you do not because these products are only in our hotel.

Are you eager to know? Yes, I know, so ensure you prepare to come and experience these new products.

We can’t wait to serve you one of these commodities.

Yours sincerely,

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