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Cover Letter

Stephanie Brown Campbell

Sidney Street

[email protected]

August 7, 2017

Human Resource Director

Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Sidney Australia

RE: Application for a News Broadcaster’s Job

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of a news anchor that I came across advertised on your website, ABC Careers (ABC, 2017). Australia Broadcasting Corporation holds the reputation of being among the most dependable and accountable media outlets not only within the country but across the world. It is an outstanding global communications company that influences both print and electronic journalism across Australia and the entire world. I believe that I possess both the potential and right attitude required to implement the task entailed by the position at your international news company.

I am presently studying communication in media as an undergraduate. My specialization in the said major is a fundamental requirement for an individual seeking to interact with the public and instills in them the ability to coin relevant messaging. I base this argument on the knowledge and skills that I possess. While undertaking this, I strive to maintain good grades in my major at the university while making every effort to be a team player. I have been the captain of the college cricket team for the last two years, and through my leadership, the squad has won two trophies in three competitions. I intend to be a news broadcaster and breakdown issues related to governance, facilitate the roles of different actors in public and possess a passion for getting the right message to the citizenry. I am also an avid listener to people, motivate them and think creatively. Further, as a team player, I believe in carrying out my tasks effectually to facilitate the growth of others. I also revel in strong communication skills and pay attention to detail. I would appreciate if given the opportunity to practice my transmission and in-depth propagation services.

I believe that this expertise and my attributes in addition to robust academic abilities give me the chance to make a substantial and immediate impact at ABC. I would love to take my skills to the next level with the help of an opportunity from your company. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephanie, B. Campbell


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