Courtney’s Discussionpost on Celebrities and Causes

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Discussion: Роst on Сеlеbritiеs and Саusеs

Discussion: Роst on Сеlеbritiеs and Саusеs

In reference to the post by Courtney Abrams, it is clear he has presented mixed feelings toward celebrity endorsements in advertisements. The role played by celebrities in advertisements cannot be underestimated (Christ, 2011). Firstly, I agree with Courtney Abrams on the fact that many of the celebrities accept to participate in some advertisements in order to get money and only few of celebrities believe in the products they are advertisements. At the same time, I agree with Courtney that using celebrities in promoting companies’ products is a prudent strategy since celebrities have a commanding following that organizations use to persuade and influence exiting and potential customers to purchase and use their products. However, the post did not answer how celebrities should use their public appeal in endorsing candidates or their causes but rather emphasized why celebrities are used by politicians in order to advance a given agenda.

Despite agreeing with Courtney on the reasons why business people use celebrities in order to reach more customers, Courtney failing in explaining how celebrities should act or behave in order to influence the public in a positive manner. Notably, Courtney has only focused on his views and feelings about celebrity involvement in advertisements and product promotion. For example, Courtney notes that he does not like celebrity endorsements when it comes to military and politics.

In addition, Courtney also failed in providing concrete examples to not only convince the audience on the. According to Courtney, although celebrity endorsements are good in some areas, he opposes the same in promoting services or products in the military or politics. However, he does not provide any examples to support his views and opinions on the negative impacts of using celebrities in advancing military and political cause.


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